Nigeria’s Rebirth: How The Entry Of Peter Obi To Ibadan, His Meeting With Bayo Adeyinka Caused A Stir

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December 5, 2020

Bayo Adeyinka and Peter Obi.
Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde (right), Peter Obi (centre) and Bayo Adeyinka (left). 

There was excitement in Ibadan, when former Governor of Anambra State, Dr Peter Obi arrived to commiserate with the governor of Oyo State, Engr. Seyi Makinde whose mother was laid to rest in Ibadan on Friday.

One of the great admirers he met with was Bayo Adeyinka. Someone describes Mr. Adeyinka as a pastor and life coach.

Well, consider his impressions of Peter Obi:

” I had the immense pleasure of riding with him. When he saw me, he said my Amotekun outfit was full regalia.

His simplicity was disarming. He had no airs around him and made one so comfortable. A very good conversationalist, his commentaries as I listened to him during our ride was insightful. Of course, I listened more than I spoke. All I could think within me was, ‘Here’s an exceptionally brilliant man’.

When he was about leaving and held his fist to ‘chop knuckle’, I was a bit hesitant but I quickly responded. Seeing him at close quarters confirmed a lot I’ve heard about him. He is obviously cut from a different cloth.

‘Okwute’ is a gift to Nigeria. May his light shine brighter.”

Adeyinka’s friends expressed their opinions of Peter Obi, the Okwute, meaning the rock in Igbo language.

Read their comments, unplugged:

Like Onyii Nwihim who says: “If we must eschew mundane tribal considerations in our quest for purposeful leadership, if we are looking for an honest leader to anchor the rebirth of a new Nigeria where equity, probity and accountability reign, Peter Obi is the man

You’d like to know why.

Why Peter Obi ?

Well, The Oasis Reporters is awash on posts done about the former governor of Anambra State, a governor who took a state from deficit finances to surplus, such that he left 100 million naira and a lot more in dollars for his successor, just by his sagacity in running a state with astute craft.

Olufemi Sorunmu says he was a youth corper in Anambra State when Peter Obi was governor:

“Nobody understood him. They called him names, Computer Governor etc because he was flooding the schools with computers. He practically saw the future. Now most exams are computer-based. No wonder Anambra is tops or thereabouts in most national exams nowadays. A very rich state but the government was a miser, he was so prudent you’ll think they were the poorest state in the country. Went to HP to sign the computer deal directly, saved the states millions that would have gone to intermediaries. We missed a trick by not voting for him the last time. I wanted Atiku just because of Peter Obi. I was that much of a fan”.

Deji Yesufu says:

“… if he ever runs to be President, I’ll vote for him. One of the few politicians in this country that knows what he’s doing”.

Okesola Moses Olusola:

“The youth population of this country should rally around him for the next presidential election. He is modest, simple, transparent, and tested.

Okeowo Oluyomi Immanuel:

I misjudged him too early, quickly regarding him as one of those typical Nigeria politicians but a friend of mine in his state confirms to me that simplicity is his signature lifestyle.

God bless you sir.

Prince Johnson Audu:
That man is a good professional. Simple to the core and ever cost conscious.. a kind of leader needed but it’s what it is.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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