Nigeria’s Unending Struggles With Blackouts, Heatwave And Expensive Fuel Costs As It Avoids Sensible Options

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November 25, 2019

By Prince Cade Agbugba

There seems to be a schematic plan to get the long suffering citizenry of Nigeria to get used to a failed society and this is made possible as long as the few that have enough resources – stolen or earned – are able to convince the victims (the majority) that it is going to be better soon.

Such a scheme, as horrible and criminal as it may seem, is not unique with Nigeria, as it is practiced across the globe if the victims swallow it with a smile, and that in my opinion is one typical trait that separates Nigerians from the rest of the human race.

Imagine the scenario of federal and state budgets including appropriations for the operation of diesel fuel and maintenance cost for generators, and the same budget proposes tax and duty hike for solar panels at 10% and batteries at 30% .

Effective January 1, the UN’s International Maritime Organization will require all ships to use fuel that contains no more than 0.5 percent sulfur or have so-called scrubbers installed in their exhaust stacks that strip the sulfur from emissions.

The World Bank is projecting a diesel fuel price increase of at least 20% – As Refineries are shifting from heavy sulfur crude (diesel) to marine gas oil, some traders have stored tankers full of diesel fuel in a bet on higher prices.

The understanding that the Federal government will blame the neighboring countries for food price hike after VAT increase in 2020 and marketers for diesel price increase in the aftermath of not planning for an international framework in the last 5 years is somewhat saddening, and the fact that Igbos, Hausas, Fulanis, Ijaws, Tivs, Yorubas, etc will swallow it hiding behind APC/PDP and their tribes makes it earned.

According to the 2020 budget, capital expenditure compared to 2019 goes negative ( -11%) meaning Nigerians should expect more taxes, duties, tollgates, license fees, and bribery in 2020 in order for the federal government to function.

Not because I said so, never had such power, but because a few designed it so, with the silent approval of all.

Prince Agbugba is the CEO of Blackwatts. They are Specialists on Alternative Energy like Solar power.

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