‘No Lightning Can Stop My Joy At Daughter’s Wedding’ , Struck Father Declares

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July 13, 2017

A highly elated father makes a speech at his daughter’s wedding.
He says to his son – in -law, : ‘‘Adam, you are some lucky guy” and suddenly, a flash of lightning strikes him in Canada.
JP Nadeau, who was able to continue his speech said he was not injured in the incident despite the surge that went through his hand partway through his toast to the newlyweds.

If the father of the bride, JP Nadeau had been a Nigerian, diviners would have said ‘Sango’, the god of thunder and lightning had spoken through a sign. It could mean that it was an omen. But since the man survived it, they’d say, he’s a strong man, stronger than fire and whoever attacks him, was playing a game of fire with with the gods.

“All of a sudden there was this lightning flash that hit right behind me.”
Nadeau looked down to see his right hand light up. “It was like I was holding a lightning bolt in my hand, it was amazing,” he said. “I’m sure I jumped, because I felt a major shock. But after that I was kind of okay and I even continued speaking,” he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

His speech was again interrupted a second time by the people in the sound booth who were frantically yelling at him to bring back the microphone he was holding.
He calmly walked over to the sound booth and handed over the microphone as the wedding guests looked on, stunned. “They thought I was going to drop dead.”

The Canadian couple had just been married an hour earlier at an outdoor ceremony in the family’s apple orchard in Woodstock, New Brunswick, on Saturday. A few clouds had started to gather though the day was hot and sunny while father of the bride took the microphone to make his speech.

When Nadeau checked his hands for any signs of damage afterwards and there seemed to be none, the wedding reception continued.
Though there was rain with the lightning which forced guests to huddle under a large canopy that had been set up. “We just stayed there and partied in there until it stopped raining,” he said. “It was really good. It was really a fun thing.”

Days later, JP Nadeau waved off any concerns about his health. “I’m okay, there’s really nothing at all” and saw no need to see a doctor. The lightning strike had felt like sudden shock that ran through him, he said, leaving just a scorch mark on his thumb where the electricity had likely entered his body.
“A lot of lesser men would have perished. But I don’t know how it happened that I could just walk, scot-free,” he said. Laughing, he added that the jolt might have even helped his health. “I was saying to someone I think my knee is working: better.”

Evangelical Christians in Nigeria would call it a miracle. Traditionalists especially the devotees of the Yoruba god, Sango would see him as belonging to a higher pantheon of those whom the gods favor.

For a hobby, JP Nadeau plays the piano with passionate interest.


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