Norway Dumps Nature’s Gift Of Crude Oil, Makes And Sells More Electric Cars Than Gas Autos

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May 11, 2019

Tesla model-3, enormously loved by Norwegians.

The cold Scandinavian country of Norway has a huge endowment in natural gas and Crude oil like Nigeria and it became prosperous by it. Yet it knew better to develop it’s human capital like all Western countries, unlike fellow oil producing country, Nigeria.

Despite the fact that it manufactures gas and diesel powered automobiles, like Bjering, Troll, etc, it’s well educated work force is turning the feet of Norway towards
Electric vehicles which is reported to have outsold gas and diesel models in Norway for the first time ever last month, making up for a record 58.4% of all vehicle sales.

The country has set a target of stopping the sale of gas and diesel passenger cars and vans by 2025. Norway significantly promotes the adoption of zero-emission vehicles.

Out of 18,375 new cars registered in the country in March this year, a record 10,732 of those were zero-emission vehicles, according to Norway’s Road Traffic Information Council, or OFV. That’s more than double the number of zero-emission vehicles sold in March 2018.

Telsa’s Model 3 (TSLA) seems to be the favourite brand and 5,315 Model 3 sedans were registered in March, setting a record for sales of a single car model in a single month.
There were also 3,469 hybrid passenger cars sold last month — a 10% drop from March 2018.
The number of gas and diesel vehicle sales slumped through the implementation of a number of incentives to encourage people to buy electric cars, according to the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association.

Such Zero-emission cars will be exempt from paying the 25% Value Added Tax (VAT) and are exempt from Norway’s carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and weight taxes imposed on gas and diesel vehicles. They also get discounts on parking, toll roads and ferries.

The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association projects that electric vehicles will make up about 50% of the country’s car sales in 2019, following the March trend in sales.

Nigerian Senator, Ben Murray Bruce drives a zero emission electric car and promotes it as the car of the future, available today. Yet he faces stiff opposition from Deputy Senate President, Prof. Ike Ekweremadu who says Nigeria should discourage electric cars in Nigeria, because Nigeria is a crude oil producing country.

While the argument rages on, for or against electric cars in Nigeria, another Nordic country, Sweden is already constructing electric roads that charge batteries in cars while being driven on it.

If the pro gas powered cars win in Nigeria, it is expected that rickety petrol cars would be dumped on the country, raising pollution levels to intolerable highs.

Nigeria has an indigenous vehicle manufacturing plant at Nnewi, in the south east region. Innoson automobile company ltd Director, Chief Innocent Chukwuma is savvy enough to have moulds ready to start manufacturing electric cars if there’s a change in policy to ditch fuel powered cars automobiles.

Additional reporting: CNN

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