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February 18, 2018

Your Excellency,


Asiwaju Tinubu has the assignment of reconciling aggrieved party members back to the fold.


I am, Your Excellency, a citizen as well as a denizen of Kaduna and a passionate member from the stable of our great party, the All Progressive Congress (APC).


Let me first welcome you Sir, to Kaduna State particularly in the light of the arduous task the President of the Republic has set before you, with regards to consolidating, reconciling and for confidence building measures in the APC.


I, and many others are applauding the President for this initiative even when it is coming rather belatedly given the very serious damage already inflicted on the party by the governance style of His Excellency the Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir Ahmed El Rufai since he assumed the governorship of the State.


Many of our people invested their goodwill and hopes in the APC which is why they voted in their numbers to ensure the last administration was routed at the polls in the 2015 general elections.
Unknown to the electorate in Kaduna State, they inadvertently voted for arrogance, combustible rhetoric and arrant disrespect for people and institutions which we revere in Kaduna.


If democratic governance is about the people, for the people and by the people, here in Kaduna we have been duped as what passes for governance here is reminiscent of a circus where one man El Rufai directs proceedings. He puts himself out as ALL KNOWING and therefore does not need any advice from anybody. It is this style of leadership that informs the alienation of key stakeholders of the party which as a corollary is responsible for some abandoning ship.


Critical stakeholders of the APC who played various roles to ensure the party’s victory were quickly dumped while others who were never even members of the party were drafted aboard El Rufai’s gravy train.
Seeing this turn of events tongues started wagging but Nasir El Rufai will not have any of it as he resorted to blackmail, intimidation and thuggery against his perceived opponents.


Please Sir, do recall the thuggery which was unleashed against peaceful members of the party at the NUJ Press Centre in the course of a Press conference sometimes last year. Property were damaged and injury inflicted on the invitees while men of the State Police Command looked on.


Mallam Uba Sani was to later acknowledge organizing that despicable and shameful act and today nobody was arrested let alone prosecuted.
Other individuals have been victims of similar thuggery at different times within the Kaduna metropolis without arrests made.
Thuggery has become a key strategy in the administrative style of the present Kaduna State government. Representations on these and other infractions have been reported to the APC headquarters as well as other agencies of government responsible for investigation but none saw the light of day as they. were all suppressed.



Other anti people policies include the mass sack of just a little under 22,000 Primary School teachers, about 400 District Heads, and thousands of other civil servants from the local councils and State civil service without paying their entitlements.
These anti people measures are in no small measures impacting negatively on the APC in the State. We were looking up to and believing in the Party manifesto which had job creation as a major plank and in Kaduna State, we did believe and keyed into the campaign slogan of Making Kaduna Great Again but are reaping quite the exact opposite.


How do you Make Kaduna Great when almost all landed property and other assets belonging to the people of Kaduna State about 2, 999 in all have been auctioned to friends, cronies and family members of the governor within one year without plans to build replacements? Kaduna State as of now is like an orphan with a huge debt burden without anything to show.
How can Kaduna be Made Great Again when there are no teachers in our Primary Schools and where is the hope of the children attending such schools?


In a democracy, due process is key to success but in what passes as democratic governance, the forces holding sway in Sir Kashim Ibrahim House are deliberately manipulating the entire processes through which our representatives would have emerged to achieve their narrow self interest.
This is the main reason they are excludung other critical stakeholders of the APC in the democratic processes. They seek to create a political terrain in which they are the only actors to the exclusion of others perceived as political adversaries


Your Excellency, as you will be driven through Kaduna, I request that you look out through the windows of the car for any semblance of change or development in this State.
By way of a summary, in Kaduna it has been tears, sorrow and blood under the El Rufai administration.


I am praying that you might get to peruse my letter or at the very least someone could make a short summary for you. If the truth be told, the El Rufai administrative style if not immediately checked will imperil the electoral fortunes of our great party.


I hereby wish you a successful assignment not only in Kaduna State but elsewhere.
May God Almighty bless and protect you Sir.

Faithfully Yours.

Gora Dauda Albehu

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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