‘PDP Must Heed The Clarion Call To Rescue Oyo State From Paradoxical Democratic Captivity’ – Seyi Makinde

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February 26, 2018


Seyi Makinde recognizes Rashidi Ladoja as the PDP leader in Oyo State.


Engr. Seyi Makinde has reiterated his humility and followership of former governor of Oyo State, Chief Rashidi Ladoja as the leader of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP in Oyo state.
He said this in a statement released yesterday to clarify issues relating to the political party which is produced here :

“For the avoidance of doubt and before mischief makers continue to gloat in the little skirmish within our political family, ( and this will be amicably resolved very soon), let me reiterate for the umpteenth time that Senator Rashidi Adewolu Ladoja, former Governor of Oyo State and the Osi Olubadan of Ibadan land is not only my Leader but the Leader of our party, the PDP in Oyo state.


Generally speaking there are two types of leaders. A leader thrust upon his people by circumstance and a leader who has paid his dues and has earned universal respect for his conduct and antecedents.
Senator Rashidi Ladoja belongs to the latter and this is as well-documented as my genuine reverence for him.
This reiteration is incumbent in the light of the convenient heresy being peddled by those who wish our party to repeat the same horrible mistake that was made in 2015 that gave birth to a second round of anguish for our people in the hands of the current administration in the state.

I will be a fool to contest the leadership of the party with someone of Senator Ladoja’s calibre when I do not even belong to the third string in the perking order of our great party. I come from a very humble background. Not only am I the son of Olatubosun from Ajia village in Ibadan who trekked long distances to the city for western education and in the process became a modest primary school teacher who struggled his way to retire as Chief Accountant of ANCEL, a renowned cooperative outfit and his vulnerable dotting wife who retired as a telephone operator in government service, but I am also honed and nurtured in the culture and tradition of Yoruba that accords priority to biological age and accomplishment.

What type of home do I come from if I disrespect someone who is my late father’s contemporary and who had begun his exploits while I was still in the primary school carrying the bag of my dad to school?

I have reasons to believe that Senator Rashidi Adewolu Ladoja is in the forefront of the rebirth and resurgence of the PDP that upholds the tenets of justice and fairness because of his realization that you cannot clap with one hand (apologies to MKO Abiola) and that our victory depends on oneness.
God forbid that we allow the mistake of 2015 to repeat itself as the people’s Chief Tormentor is waiting in the wings with glee to install his cohort to continue his famed misrule.

The current situation within the PDP is a clarion call for us to urgently and dispassionately decide whether we want to contest the 2019 election for its sake or we want to win the election to liberate our people from a paradoxical democratic captivity.
I do not blame those who ask me in bewilderment what the hell I am doing in politics especially after my experience in 2015. But I am not a quitter; I am a marathon runner from the hills of Oluyole and I was also a beneficiary of the Free Education introduced by Uncle Bola Ige as a student at Bishop Phillips Academy in Ibadan and the policy worked seamlessly which produced millions of us.Looking back and seeing how governance has been turned on its head into rocket science particularly in the past seven years or so, I shudder to think of how many Seyi Makindes have been buried through straight-forward corporate lies, deceit, arrogance and frustrating misplaced priorities.
I bet with my life that many of those young men and women I pass by on the streets daily are far more intelligent and smarter than I can ever be and were poised for a successful future until bad leaders came to town.

This must and can change and I mean change in the genuine sense, not a vote catching cruel gambit.
At Bishop Phillips Academy I had the best WAEC result in 1985 since the school was established. This was due to the commitment of teachers and facilities but these days, teachers are demotivated, facilities are non-existent and students are virtual illiterates.

With complete humility, I admit that I seized the opportunities of a system that worked and have achieved a lot in my young life, but my father’s admonition resonates each time that I am tempted to recline to my comfort zone.
He would say àjoje kò dùn, b’enikan kò n í. Which means ‘You cannot enjoy your wealth in the midst of poverty’. But the one that haunts me most till this day is Olowo kan larin Otosi mefa, otosi ni gbogbo won. Meaning ‘A rich man in the midst of the poor is also a poor man’.

But do our leaders have this conscience?

Thank God the masses will trust me to protect and deploy their vast resources for their overall benefit because they know the sources of my God-given wealth. I spent my hard-earned money in 2015 to rescue our people while they spent government money. They will do same next year and they will fail. This statement is important to assuage the fears of the vast majority of our people. There is no leadership contest within our party.
We have a common leader in High Chief Senator Rashidi Adewolu Ladoja and it is our collective prayers that God will use him to pilot us to the Promised Land.


Engr ‘Seyi Makinde.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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