Plateau Hate Narrative By Boko Haram Gets Evocative And Urgent Mention By Sen. Istifanus Gyang In Senate

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January 31, 2020

Ropvil Dalep Daciya

While reminiscing on the Nazi Germany episode in history where the Nazi supremacists regime promoted the demonization of Jews while inciting anti Semitism as a justification for the subsequent gas chambers genocide against the Jews,
Plateau State Senator, Istifanus D. Gyang, Esq has raised a matter of urgent national importance in Nigeria’s Senate;

1.) Notes that a new trend is emerging in the Boko Haram terrorism in which Nigerian citizens of Plateau State origin are targeted for abduction and isolated for brutal killing only because of their faith, origin and aboriginal status. The cases under reference are:
Mr. Lawrence Duna Dacighir -Aid worker killed in 2019.
Mr. Godfrey Ali Shukagham, -Aid worker killed in 2019.

The recent one is a 200 level Biology Education student of University of Maiduguri Mr. Ropvil Daciya DAPEL.

Jennifer Ukanbong Samuel, a health worker that was released recently.

Lilian Gyang a student of University of Maiduguri abducted returning on resumption and still in BH captivity, and

Abdulhamid Bashir still in captivity.

2.) Also notes that the three boys including an undergraduate of the University of Maiduguri, were brutally murdered by Boko Haram at close range gun shots. Videos of the killings laced with hate messages have gone viral evoking passions and condemnation not only in Plateau State but across the nation and even globally.

3). Concerned that the anti Plateau hate narrative are reminiscent of the Nazi Germany episode where the Nazi supremacist regime promoted the demonization of Jews and incited anti Semitism as a justification for the subsequent gas chambers genocide against the Jews. The Xenophobic and hateful narrative being orchestrated by Boko Haram is intended to set other Nigerian citizens against those of Plateau origin.

4). Further concerned that the anti Plateau narrative of Boko Haram is an attempt by the fanatical sect to whip up religious and ethnic sentiments of unsuspecting Nigerians and to shift attention from its evil acts that has not spared Muslims and other Nigerian citizens of all classes and creeds from North to South, East to West. Indeed, neither Traditional rulers nor ordinary citizens, Imams or Pastors are spared by the terror and scourge of Boko Haram. It is simply a ploy to polarize citizens along ethno-religious sectarian divides.

5). Aware that the anti Plateau Boko Haram Xenophobic narrative draws attention to the early days of banditry which was obviously perceived as a Plateau problem, hence not given the desired attention deserving a national emergency. The subsequent calamitous snowballing of banditry that has today become the monster that it is, ravaging the entire North Central and North West geopolitical regions with devastating consequences.
To allow and isolate the anti Plateau narrative of Boko Haram is to ignore the lessons that history has talked before us and in so doing risk its spread with any other state as the next possible victim.

6.) Disturbed that while the Boko Haram sect were promoting anti-Plateau hate narrative, another wave of violent attacks were visited on host communities in Bokkos LGA leading to the death of 27 persons at Kwattas, Ruboi and Marish villages. This resurgence of attacks is coming at a time that the State was settling down to peace.

7). Further aware that the nation and indeed Nigerian citizens of Plateau origin are today looking up to this Senate to, not only show concern, but raise a strong voice in condemning the Xenophobic terror unleashed against them by Boko Haram.

1). Condemn in the strongest terms the anti Plateau hate narrative by Boko Haram whose ultimate intention is to polarize Nigerian citizens along ethno-religious divides.

2). Condemn the abduction and killings of Nigerian citizens of Plateau State origin still by Boko Haram, three of whom were killed and three others are still being held captive.

3). Urge government to take additional steps to secure Nigerian citizens and in particular, those of Plateau State origin who have become targets for abduction and persecution by Boko Haram.

4). Urge the authorities of ABU, Zaria, University of Jos and Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi to absorb all undergraduate and postgraduate students of Plateau State origin currently studying in the University of Maiduguri as their safety is gravely jeopardized by the anti Plateau hate narrative orchestrated by Boko Haram.

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