Political Cum Cultural Leadership: Influence Better Than Controlling The People – Mathias Tsado

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December 3, 2017

While it is acknowledged that there are some pockets of young people in power who have performed so poorly, so also are there thousands of old people in government who have performed woefully as the older people see power and political leadership as their right while the youth see political leadership as a privilege.

The truth is that we mix up political leadership with traditional or cultural leadership, these two have their different roles particularly in our society, cultural or traditional leadership is often associated with age, as such it often falls on the most senior member of a clan within the lineage of the kings or rulers, and this is often the case because of what is called ancient landmarks or custodians of traditional history.
The role of these traditional leaders are often to sustain a culture of the people and to impact or transfer values from one generation to the other.

Political Leadership on the other hand has very little to do with cultural sustainability, it’s supposed to be a more pragmatic progressive team that travels with the rest of the world to make the lives of the people much better each passing day, in this case, one’s competence plays a major role than age does, your ability to influence the people is more important than your ability to control them.

Leadership has moved from the traditional turbans and signets to responsibility and actions. A leader’s greatest asset in the 21st century is his ability to inspire his people. Once this is absent, such leaders can never be effective.

For the next 6 years, there seem to be no reason for new cars, new furnitures and new kitchen utensils in our government houses, and no need to spend billions on leisure when the critical sectors of the nation like healthcare and education are in dire need.
Our leaders must change their perspective about leadership, the so called principle of burden and benefits should be looked into, our leaders deserve a good life but same goes for our citizens even much more.

Security vote does not exist in our constitution as such it should be discontinued, we need leaders who truly want to make life easier for the people not just for themselves and their families.

This has nothing to do with a man’s age as transparency and accountability do not regard anyone’s age, it’s a matter of principle and self discipline.
When we talk about what we are capable of doing we mean every letter in our word, the nation has suffered bad leadership in years to the extent that our expectations as a people have been lowered, the trust link between the people and the government has been shattered, so anyone who dares to contest for any position in Nigeria is viewed through this prism of distrust.

We have an option, stick to our tradition of failed leadership or we inject new blood into the leadership stream, what do we have to fear?
Aren’t we at the lowest level of our national life already?
What’s the worst that could happen?
Can we have a nation more divided than it is now?

Imagine for a moment, the opportunity to have most of our brilliant young men on the stage of our political system, some of the brilliant minds you watch on television or read on the pages of social media, some of the most dynamic individuals doing exploits outside the shores of the country, imagine these men and women assembled together to drive the project New NIGERIA.

Our best assets are our People, Nigeria is not in short supply of such great people, the challenge has always been with the perspective of national cake rather than national tree that we are all supposed to water so we all can benefit from the fruits.

When the Nigeria people give youths their mandate, the ridiculous copy and paste style of budgeting should end, all actions ought to be result orientated, constant interaction with the people ought to be established.

Nigerians need to be upbeat about their leaders and the leaders shall be proud of our people, and a joint venture of honesty and transparency shall be re-established, building the trust link between the people and the government and together, a country that works for All shall be built.

Those who are only fascinated with power and luxury cannot be trusted with the nation’s treasury, Nigeria should give the youths chance to prove themselves.
Nigeria can be fixed and this is not a joke.

Written by Mathias Tsado

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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