Prospects Of Viewing The World Cup Matches In Russia, Live Streaming



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June 14, 2018

We at The Oasis Reporters followed it up from preparations to the actual event that kicked off today, June 14, 2018.

Many Nigerians desiring to watch the 2018 Russia FIFA World cup matches live without owning Cable or Pay TV decoders found it extremely hard. Most terrestrial TV stations were not crystal sharp neither did many have the funds to buy exorbitant petrol for their power generating sets.
But wait a minute!

Nigerians have Android phones and tablets. Laptops are also there!
Unfortunately, watching the matches online presented another hurdle. Many live streaming channels want you to download their app first, then pay some token amount via your credit card.

Actually many Nigerians traveled to Moscow for the opening match.

While watching the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia, we noticed something pleasant that the caring Russian government had done for its football loving citizenry. They realized that not all Russians can get into the various stadia for the matches.
There are giant screen viewing centres all over the place and they were filled to the brim.
Caring government, you might add.
Can Nigerian governments do that freely for us?

Take a look:


Russians watch outdoors , the opening match on extra giant screens.


They cheer Russia’s goal against Saudi Arabia.


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Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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