Rabiu Kwakwanso wants to be President, Igbos May Need To Watch Their Back


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August 30, 2018

Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso

Kwakwanso was in the Southeast to solicit support for his presidential bid under the PDP. The man that abused, insulted and chided Jonathan before running to APC. Just returning to PDP, he wants to be The President, using those he derided. He said that he is on the same page with Igbos. That he believes in Igbo agenda and restructuring.

Lies, lies, lies. First, he said that restructuring means different thing to different people. That is pothole number one, just like their change meant a different thing to different people in 2015. People wanted change, and they sold them lies to capture power. The whole North are now saying that they believe in restructuring but it’s different from what The South wants. Please, can we know what their restructuring means before their second scam on Southerners is executed?

Back to Kwakwansiya. This man hates Igbos with a passion. As a governor, he destroyed all the Igbo shops in Kano and told his people to take over their businesses, especially the patent medicine stores. He refused to construct or repair any roads in the Sabongari area, the domain of Igbos in Kano. He wanted Igbos out of Kano by all means during his tenure. It’s his successor Ganduje that now wants Igbos to stay. Ganduje swore that nothing will happen to Igbos under his watch, even with the Arewa Youth threat. Ganduje is a total opposite of Kwakwanso with respect to Igbos.

Kwakwanso was and may still be Obasanjo’s boy. Jonathan took him and made him a Minister. He was among the first Northerners that began to openly abuse and insult Jonathan before people like El Rufai joined. He left PDP and worked with other Northerners to ensure that Jonathan lost the election. He takes Southeasterners as fools, that’s why he can boldly canvas for their support in his Presidential bid. He has no conscience and is shameless.

Lastly, do you still remember that phone conversation between Amosun and Shettima? Shettima said that Kwakwanso is the best Northern candidate for agenda to destroy Igbos. He claimed that Buhari is too slow for what they want to do to Southeasterners. He boasted that Kwakwanso will finish the agenda within a few months of being in office. Now when you put together what Kwakwanso did to Igbos as Kano State Governor and what Sheriff said about him, one will conclude that he is more dangerous than Buhari and that the 97/5 per cent deal of Buhari to Southeast may be a bonanza after all.
The problem with our Igbo people is that they forget easily, and make costly mistakes in their quest for appropriate relevance in Nigeria. Don’t be surprised that many Igbos may already be canvassing for him now.

Another problem is money. Most Igbos have a price. Give them money, and they will sell their mother to their enemies. Kwakwanso is wicked and hates Igbos with a passion. People like him should be shown the way out of politics. He is fighting Ganduje seriously over Kano, and I pray that it will end his political career.

Written by Ericco Agunmadu

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