Redistribution: ‘A Boon For Rapid Development Of Small, Medium Scale Entrepreneurs’ – Adebomojo



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February 20, 2018


Redistributive policy has been referred to as a boon for rapid development and sustainability of small and medium scale entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

This was made known by the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, First Planet Resources International, Mr. Akeem Olaniyi Adebomojo during a summit organized recently in Abuja by upcoming entrepreneurs to sensitize younger Nigerians into looking at the area of SMEs rather than waiting for white collar jobs.

Mr. Akeem who is one of the House of Assembly aspirants in Ifelodun/ Ifelodun LGA of Ekiti State also described redistributive policy as a way of sharing public policies such as Social Security that provide benefits to citizens, groups or cooperatives.

He said the major aims of redistributive policy was to eradicate social problems such as poverty for the sake of equality bt providing benefits to all groups in society.

“Redistributive Policy could be explained as a policy that provides for one group in the society while taking away benefits from another through policy tools such as tax increase to pay for job training,” he explained.

He was optimistic that if rural areas could be clustered in segments and rallying points provided where benefits in cities could also be accessed at a stone throw, the better for the people residing in the rural areas, as this would put less burden on the cities and it would allow for the attainment of it’s full potential if they were also mobilized and encouraged financially and materially through getting little from the haves to the have-nots.

He stressed that there would be contentment in the rural areas as well as improved standards of living.

He called for total redistribution to balance and avoid rural-urban migration, having established that 90% of the raw materials required for production are sourced mostly in the rural areas and not in the cities.

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