Rich Leadership, Poor Rulership : Dubai Interviewee Exposes Nigeria’s Abject Poverty In Wealth

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April 21, 2019

Dubai that was once an inhospitable piece of desert land, transformed into a highly prosperous oasis in the desert that has become the magnet of all Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe in commerce, manufacturing, real estate etc, started with a fraction of the oil money that Nigeria has.

An interview by a Nigerian television crew with an unnamed citizen of Dubai, exposes the factors behind it while analyzing the poverty of Nigeria, which is leadership. “Dubai has the right, selfless leadership”, unlike the cronyism, nepotism, corrupt, unimaginative and poor leadership that has bedeviled Nigeria.

Nigeria is very rich in mineral resources, agriculture, crude oil, etc, yet nothing has been transformed into making it an enviable modern state. It’s hospitals are so derelict, stupendously rich politicians seek medical attention abroad while the poor majority attend them where there are no drugs. Majority of Nigeria’s cities lack public services like running water, electricity, good road networks and basic security.

Kidnappers run riot, extorting millions from hapless victims under gunpoint.
Unlike in Dubai that has CCTV cameras everywhere, that criminals are easily apprehended within hours.

A recent and short documentary on the Cable news network, CNN about the Emirate of Dubai (an Islamic State) and her many disruptive and record-breaking technological/innovative strides, goes to prove what selfless and purposive leadership can do.

Dubai is not a country. Just one out of seven emirates that make up the UAE.

An Islamic country which declared independence from Great Britain in 1971.

Yet,  Dubai is the fastest growing Science and ICT hub in the world and has achieved many unbelievable leaps in education, innovation and infrastructure, these last 48 years.

The Emirate of Dubai has single handedly launched 2 satellites into Space and the last launched spacecraft had the innovative signature of a Dubai teenage girl on it, a teenager who dreams to be the first astronaut on Mars.

By 2020 the Dubai emirate will be launching its first Mars Exploration Spacecraft and currently has the largest number of foreign research scientists and ICT experts in the world.

Yet it remains a deeply culturally Islamic State prioritizing Science, Technology and Futurism.

Questions a concerned Nigerian social media analysts whose name was not written on his post in a shared whatsapp message include :

What then is different about their own practice of Islam and the one we have here at home in Nigeria ?

Especially when you visit the devastating human and material catastrophe in Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, Zamfara, Katsina and the rest of the north.

What is different about their practice of Islam which encourages a teenage girl to aspire to Mars while emirates at home in Nigeria see nothing untoward in the marriage of under aged girls ?

What is different about their practice of Islam which prioritizes innovations and science, while even Churches back at home only prioritize buildings and tithing ?

Nigeria’s orientation, mindset, value-system, our socio cultural ethics need to change.

For now, the Emirate of Dubai  is the leader of the Arab World as they dialogue about championing the next frontiers in science and innovations.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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