Rights Lawyer Urges Biden To Restore Obama’s Portrait In The Pantheon Of US Presidents

The Oasis Reporters

February 20, 2021

Ex-President Barack Obama…his portrait was removed by Ex-President Trump from the White House pantheon of US presidents.


US President Joe Biden.

Nigerian born US based rights lawyer, Emmanuel Ogebe has written to US President Joe Biden to as a matter of haste, restore the portrait of America’s only African American President’s portrait in the White House that was removed by former President Donald Trump before the February end of the commemoration of Black History Month.

He writes, “Mr. President, you’re forever associated with two historic presidencies – the election of the first black President and the first female Vice President.

Sadly today, the portrait of America’s only African American President is not in the White House because your predecessor who denied his American birth has denied him berth in the pantheon of US Presidents.

Mr. President, this is an unconscionable affront to Barack Obama, undoubtedly one of the greatest US presidents that ever lived. As you well know, Obama was the only president in the last 60 years to serve two terms, with no impeachment and no scandals and to leave office honorably.

It is therefore highly unjust and unfair that his portrait has not been given its rightful place in the White House.

Accordingly I urge you to place the portrait this month especially as it is Black History month.

Your administration’s reopening of enrollment in Obamacare is just another vestige of his positive impactful legacy on America.”

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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