Slavery: America’s Birth Defect, Yet The First To Issue An Emancipation Proclamation

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June 14, 2020


George Floyd, murdered by a policeman from Minneapolis through asphyxiation.

There is a reggae tune that was popular some thirty or more years ago, asking, “Do you remember the days of slavery” and how they killed and committed diverse, heinous and hideous crimes against African slaves who came to Europe, the Americas, the Arab world etc chained, neck to neck against their will kin indignity, hate and subjugation.

To Slavers, it was fame and fortune, but sorrow, tears and pain to the Africans who were unfortunate to be ensnared in it.

Slavery was entrenched in privileges for the perpetrators, but indignity and humiliation to the Africans which has remained so for over 400 years.

One of the legacies of slavery is the violation of civil rights that persists till the present day.

Even though some men of good conscience saw how intrinsically wrong the system was and fought hard to abolish it, the hang over white or Arab privileges remain till this day. To this day in this global pandemic of coronavirus, more blacks, from America, Latin America to Europe are dying in larger numbers than their counterparts belonging to other races, because they occupy the lower rungs of each country’s economy and are therefore still basically on that slavery level, held down and pressed to the ground.

But blacks outside Africa still think because they are part of the fabric of part of the globe wherever their ancestors were trafficked to. After all, their hard labour built-up most of the societies they now belong to.

Yet despite the diversity they form a part of, for instance in America, it is obvious that this ingredient of nation building had been mismanaged. And when you mismanage diversity, you destroy everything.

While discussing the current troubles America is passing through over the unfortunate cold blooded murder of George Floyd, an African American by a racist white police officer, I listened to discussion where a Nigerian immigrant in America said there’s “a huge opportunity for African Americans who came here against their will becoming Christians and building a people. There are African Americans who are Muslims because they see gross injustices in the treatment that white Christians mete out to blacks. Unknown to them, even in the mother continent of Africa, Africans fare just as badly from Arab slavers and a segment of black African Muslims too of the extremist blend in Nigeria and other nations.

Many Nigerian Christian girls face kidnapping and sex slavery especially in the northern Muslim regions where extremist islamists hold sway.

That the monuments and statues of white slavers and those who made their fortunes on the exploitation of blacks are coming down, brought down not only by demonstrating blacks, but by whites, descendants of those same slavers because the light being beamed on the horrors and injustices of those evil days remain embarrassing to good conscience.

Blacks in Europe and America should realize that as bad as the legacy of slavery was, the whites joining in the marches are innocent of the evil their ancestors committed. It is time to forgive and forget the past, while they all forge ahead towards a just tomorrow.

Written by Greg Abolo.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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