Solutions To The Food Ban To The South Crisis: From A Micro, Macro Economic Viewpoint

The Oasis Reporters

March 7, 2021

By Camilus Chike Egeni

After a cursory examination of the now called off food embargo on the south by northern traders, a deeper analysis of the cost, benefits implications must be examined in the spirit of national cohesion and unity.

Should the South also place an embargo on oil and oil money going to the North, or should the South also block medical staff, teachers and others from offering their services to the north?

I’m not too sure about the viability of that option.

The solution has never been and will never be stopping the Northern farm products from coming to the south.

Do not forget that it affects the economy …the twin balance of demand and supply comes into play here.

When those northern farmers fail to sell their produce, it will equally affect the citizens based in the south, because the demand for services provided by southerners will be affected, even if you do not deal with them directly.

In addition when those farmers are unable to sell their products, they will be unable to buy what they need and probably unable to feed themselves. When they are sick, it becomes a public problem because the money that could have been used for constructing local roads, hospitals, schools will be diverted to manage human catastrophe… do not see the issue at a micro level, look at it at a macro level.

Greg Abolo

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