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February 23, 2018


Gov. Nasir Elrufai of Kaduna state.

Since the return to civilian rule in 1999, my part of the State has never had it so bad as it is in the current administration. For the 16 years of the locusts, Southern Kaduna was home to the PDP but the wind of chamge did alter the dynamics of politics in this part of the State to the extent that the APC made inroads into this PDP enclave. It is only in the southern senatorial zone that the APC lost the seat to the PDP.

It was the practice during the years the locusts ate that whenever the governorship ticket goes to the north, there will be a deliberate balancing act by giving the ministerial appointment to the Southern senatorial zone. In the last elections, the governing APC performed much better than any other party in opposition in the area which raised the hopes of those who voted for the APC in the zone of inclusion in the governance process.

Mallam Nasir El Rufai had different ideas completely. Perhaps in his understanding of democracy, he may have been expecting he will get 100% of the Southern Kaduna votes. Because he did not achieve this feat, he has all along been directing hate speeches and discriminatory policies against the Southern Kaduna people.

Mallam Nasir Ahmed El Rufai at best can be described as a religious bigot who rightly should have been a leader of one of the various branches in mortal combat around the world to resurrect the Islamic Caliphate . So much hate is built up in this character’s head that he sees nothing good coming from Southern Kaduna and he makes no pretentions about it.
This ideology of hate has found expression in the style his administration has perceived and dealt with our people.

The impish dictator was smart enough to have hidden so perfectly behind the image and candidature of Muhammadu Buhari and at that time, it did not really matter as even a sow would have won the governorship race so long as such was contesting on the same platform as Muhammadu Buhari.
It is instructive to note that El Rufai did not win because there was a spectacular quality in him, he won simply on account of the Buhari tsunami. He may be intelligent but almost everyone else is intelligent relative to his or her circumstance. What is lacking in this dictator-governor is called WISDOM.


My late father used to warn us that it is better to be wise than to be intelligent. This is exactly the situation playing out with the Mallam. With wisdom, you can successfully lead people but intelligence is only about the individual which is why we are having this bull in a China shop. .

We did not have to wait much long after the election for this character to begin hurling missiles at Southern Kaduna. All the appointments he made at the Federal level were only about family members, friends and cronies. His grouse being that Southern Kaduna did not vote for him. That old arrangement of the years of the locusts wherein the ministerial slot went to Southern Kaduna when the governorship ticket goes north, El Rufai quickly threw overboard. All along he had been pregnant with the desire of extracting his pound of flesh from the people of Southern Kaduna for the post election violence of 2011 which in any case was not limited to Southern Kaduna alone.


Who knows perhaps, the likes of El Rufai may have been responsible for the continued insecurity in the area. He quickly responded by slamming one curfew after another making life the more difficult for the people.
The curfews achieved their intended purposes of garrisoning our people as soft targets for the rampaging Fulani terrorists gangs. He moved on from there to decree the closing of all tertiary institutions in the area as long as it pleased him.
He called the wanton and wholesale attacks on defenceless civilian in Southern Kaduna as “Reprisal” for the 2011 post election violence which was in actual fact sparked by residents of an enclave of Kafanchan when it became apparent that their candidate in the presidential election had lost.

The Malian without due appropriation went on to pay compensation to his chosen Fulani while also conducting foreign policy on behalf of the Federal government. In all of these no agency of government raised even if an eye brow.


This manner of a State Chief executive officer proceeded to make lopsided appointments against mostly the people of Southern Kaduna. He has all along been behaving as if he is the best thing that ever happened to Kaduna State.

He duped the voting populace in this State by promising to make Kaduna Great Again but in truth he is pursuing an agenda focused on ruining whatever Kaduna once stood for. In the little more than 3 years of this administration, this impish dictator has stymied the growth of education by terminating the appointments of many primary school teachers even without making appropriate provision for replacements. It should be on record that the bulk of teachers who lost their jobs are of Southern Kaduna extraction. He has made it a personal agenda to actualize that dubious and feudalistic policy of taking up people’s ancestral lands and converting it to a Fulani enclave. Provisions of the Gazette which supposedly gives strength to this apparent illegality are now serially raped to the extent that whilst no permanent structures were to be erected within the reserve, the place is gradually being built into a semi urban area. Previous administrations which granted autonomy to the myriad of linguistic groupings in Southern Kaduna did not in the understanding of the Mallam act in good faith and so this 20th Century dictator is determined to reverse all of that.


To achieve this dubious scheme he has sacked District and Village Heads and is about recreating and redrawing the boundaries of local councils against and excluding the National Boundaries Commission.
When one of the highly respected traditional rulers paid him a courtesy call and made a passionate request for reopening the closed tertiary institutions, the dictator wasted no time retorting rudely to the faces of the Royal Highness and the entourage that the institutions were to remain closed until certain conditions were met. He has humiliated some of the traditional rulers to the point of detaining some in prison just because Malian Nasir Ahmed El Rufai is governor.

We as students of history are not unaware of the fact that there are fifth columnists amongst us who are engaged in that tragedy for which fifth columnists earn this tag.
In the face of the insults and deprivation our people have been subjected to, these vultures are always ready whenever called upon to feed on the carcass or what remains of the collective interests of the Southern Kaduna People. They are into this not on account of material poverty but because they have sold their souls to the satanic Nasir Ahmed El Rufai.

I am aware that one of them had earlier been promised a ministerial appointment but when the opportunity came, the Mallam thought him unfit and forwarded the names of a close relation. As this post is being read, some of these characters are going round our traditional councils trying. desperately to launder the image of this terminally dying regime. They needed to have known even before setting out on this doomed voyage that their wares will be returned unsold. If the administration of. Mallam Nasir Ahmed El Rufai has achieved anything at all for not only the people of Southern Kaduna but the whole of Kaduna State aside the pains, sorrows, tears and death, it would not require these image laundering team.


If the traditional rulers in Southern Kaduna are truly the custodians of the cultures, values and traditions of the Southern Kaduna people, they should have long read the handwriting on the wall. The aphorism that “You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time ” will come true in Southern Kaduna in the elections to come. So long as the name of El Rufai is on any ballot, that party should simply forget our votes.

Besides did El Rufai not publicly declare that he does not need even a single vote from Southern Kaduna? What is he or his agents bothering our people for?

Written by Gora Dauda

He writes from Kaduna, North west, Nigeria.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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