Statue Commissioning In Eastern Nigeria And Buhari’s Visit – Zion Olusoji Oseni

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Friday, November 17, 2017

President Muhammadu Buhari commissioned Sir Akanu Ibiam’s statue in Ebonyi State.
Comparatively, President Jonathan commissioned the Innoson Motors Manufacturing plant in Igbo land as well as the Orient Refinery within one year in office during his tenure.

President Muhammadu Buhari visited some South Eastern states, adorning the Igwe attire and he was also awarded the highest chieftancy title in the area. Even if he were to be given Odimegwu Ojukwu’s title or one higher than that, Igbos still won’t vote for him.

Since two days ago, photos of President Buhari gallivanting in Ebonyi state have occupied the media space and I was actually waiting to see how Igbos will receive him, with his paid news carriers casting headlines like, “It was a Huge Crowd that came to welcome Buhari to the South East. ”

I ran a mental check on the crowd and saw about 300+ people, but guess what?
They were predominantly Northerners, for their attires said it all.
Watching the videos, his only Igbo hosts were the governor, his entourage and Igbo members of his (Buhari) cabinet (Ngige and co) with a few others, I can bet paid attendees who looked dull and unhappy to attend were there.
No excitement.
No jubilation.
It was like a funeral.
Even Davido will shut down Ebonyi State, ten times bigger than Buhari.
Where were the people?
The masses.

The prevailing backlash between the North and the South East is non-existent in the real sense of it, it is more of a backlash between Buhari as a person and the Igbos as a people. It’s a non-mystery hatred.
At least Igbos voted a sickly Hausa/Fulani Yar’adua over their Biafran warlord Ojukwu, so they can’t be called tribalists.
The only way Buhari will win a second tenure is by rigging and rigging only.
He can keep his Northern votes as he did in 2011 and 2015, but as for South East and South South votes, “Buhari ain’t getting jack”
Many South West people that voted for him have opened their eyes and are now full of regrets. Tinubu and Akande leading the pack, so he’s gonna “jonz” in South West too.
Middle Belters have seen how he formed a protective shield round his killer Fulani herdsmen brethren that have killed thousands of them. They won’t forget.
Aside that, economically, socially and morally, Buhari has failed. woefully.
Yes, there’ll be huge money to throw around. All these cases of stealing and corruption going on in Buhari’s government to the tune of billions in Naira and in Dollars are for his re-election.
Those monies are gonna be flaunted, dangled and thrown around. The wise will collect and dump him at the polls.
Let the Igwes that gave him chieftancy titles enjoy the money they collected. It’s Our Money.

However, it’s still left for the opposition to present a good and credible candidate that can at least be embraced by angry people, else the evil man will coast to his 2nd term without much effort.

Written by Zion Olusoji Oseni

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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