‘Stealthily Opulent Grandeur’ Of The Umenyiora Of Ogbunike’s Palace

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Osita Chidoka has been meeting with the Kings and people of Anambra communities ahead of the November 18 Governorship poll.
Palace of the Umenyiora of Ogbunike.
His Royal Highness, the Umenyiora addresses the Team Chidoka UPP entourage
Chief Osita Chidoka bows to receive royal blessings from the Umenyiora of Ogbunike.


When the Chief Osita Chidoka’s Governorship campaign team visited the Umenyiora Of Ogbunike’s Palace, they were overawed by the splendor of His Royal Majesty’s palace.
The leading candidate for the November 18 governorship poll in Anambra State, South East Nigeria, UPP’s chief Osita Chidoka was on his continuing Meet The King and The People tour of his campaign team.

In the words of Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie, the Director of Media, Osita Chidoka Campaign Organization,

“In all our visits while in Anambra State, I have never been as awed as I was by the stealthily opulent grandeur of the Umenyiora of Ogbunike’s palace”.

Ms Okolie ought not to have been amazed, for a lyricist, Eugenia Chioma who was brought up in folkloric tradition by her grandmother said :

“The Umenyiora
Was born a king
Not elected, Not appointed
The cave announced his kingship by forming an entrance in his mother’s hut while she was still pregnant”.

A great king indeed of the famous Ogbunike Cave, one of Nigeria’s world heritage sites.


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