Success Adegor Video Maker Changes Swagger With 600k In The Kitty, Why She Couldn’t Make More

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March 27, 2019

Stephanie Rukevwe Idolor.

The pretty young lady, Stephanie Rukevwe Idolor who recorded the 7 year old Success Adegor video was just as baffled as anyone else over the funny video she made that caught the attention of the world as it went viral. Unrehearsed, natural and spontaneous, it caught the internet by storm, yielding over 5million naira for the little girl’s family and changing the life of not only some of her schoolmates, it was the shocking impetus the government of Delta State needed to change the decayed infrastructure of the rundown downtown Okotie Eboh Primary School in Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria.

Stephanie Rukevwe Idolor.

Just as the world was relishing the hilarity of the unplugged little girl’s outbursts, earnestness, zeal, passion for education even though she seemed more fluent in the Delta State unique street Pidgin English slang, the video maker, Stephanie Idolor was somewhere sulking. Everyone was all about Success Adegor, while she, the video maker was virtually forgotten. Punch Newspaper became one of the channels that brought her to attention, both in print and on video. She was shown, sulking, not too sure of what she deserved for making it possible.
While she had hoped for at least, One million naira, she has so far gotten 600 thousand naira, but since her account number is the public domain, she’s likely to get more, including offers of marriage and jobs. They’ve started coming already.

Elizabeth Eckford in Little Rock, Arkansas , US (left), Success Adegor, Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria. Both wanted to be educated as a right.

Stephanie Idolor recorded the viral video and quickly uploaded it to Whatsapp. To her, it was fun. But she lacked the knowledge to turn it to cash for herself. If she had been savvy enough to be YouTube smart with a YouTube registered account for adverts, she would have made much more, perhaps even as much as Success Adegor. But since she ignorantly gave it out to a more internet knowledgeable third party, all the accruable revenue from views cannot be hers.

But Nigerians are very compassionate.
Music icon, Daddy Showkey said on March 24, 2019.
“Stephanie Idolor Is the Real (Heroine)”, as he gives her one hundred naira.
“Without you this Success story will not be , So my dear @stephanie_idolor pls don’t regret anything, the truth is that you are an Angel and for me you are the true hero, pls send me your account number”.

In posting the video Stephanie Idolor said “I recorded Success’s viral video so that people will laugh when I post it online”.
Evidently her aim was fun. But her perspective changed completely when she learnt that the Idolor family had grossed over 5 million naira while she remained jobless and without money. She called the family out in another video, and a few other press interviews, looking very unhappy despite the promise of a local government job in Sapele.

Then she received 500 thousand from the Delta State Deputy Speaker and 100 thousand naira from Daddy Showkey who has also initiated A funding Campaign for her.

Suddenly, her swagger has changed, her smiles are deeper and her hopes are rising.

The pretty Sapele unemployed graduate has unwittingly done so well for herself with just one video.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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