Taking The People’s Democratic Party Hostage In Kaduna State


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December 7, 2018

Hostage taking in the last few years has become a lucrative business in Nigeria. The earlier victims used to be expatriate oil workers in the oil bearing region of our country. The hostage takers/kidnappers were smart enough to have kick started their business with expatriates and the companies where they worked did not waste time in paying up the ransom demanded to secure their release. The kidnapping gangs became emboldened and given the ransom money obtained for doing next to nothing, many other groups sprang up.

I did predict then, since I was deployed to that region, that after the gangs were done with the expatriate staff, their next targets would be anyone with light skin as well as evidence of a good life. The light skinned people have paid their prices too, including some very unfortunate albinos. In due course, kidnapping and hostage taking extended northwards becoming a major threat to safety and economic activities.

Unlike in the oil bearing region of the South South, there are fewer expatriates here and so ordinary farmers and wayfarers are routinely taken hostage and huge ransom demands made and received before freedom is secured. In all of those, the Nigeria Police even with the technology to track down and apprehend the culprits have not been of much help.

Kidnapping and or hostage taking has become a national embarrassment to the authorities concerned. As this post is being read, the combined scourge of hostage taking, kidnapping, cattle rustling and armed banditry have made a hostage of our dear nation, Nigeria. Who will pay the ransom demanded for our freedom?

Much in the manner people are kidnapped or taken hostage with ease in this country, political parties have become the next most attractive targets this time around of political kidnappers or hostage takers. The political party is supposed to be an amorphous body well beyond the control of an individual but this is only the case in saner climes. Political parties even when they have the word “PEOPLE’S” built into its complete name suggesting that it is of the people and for the people have serially been expropriated by some powerful individuals in which case they can drive the party in any direction they desire without having to consult with the people. It is by so doing that our democracy has witnessed only stunted growth.

While it may not be very true that any one individual owns the People’s Democratic Party in the context of today’s politics in Nigeria, yet some selfish and self serving individuals have taken hostage of the party in some States including Kaduna State. For almost 4 years the PDP lay comatose since the routing back in the 2015 general elections. The charlatans who for political expediency conspired to take the PDP hostage did virtually nothing to buoy up the party became atrophied doing nothing but pregnant with dreams of reaping a bounty from no political investment that they made.

Kaduna State was only able to produce one PDP senator from the southern senatorial zone while the other two were of the APC, from the northern and central zones. For a fact, it was only in the southern senatorial zone that the PDP recorded a showing. Elsewhere in the State the Buhari storm did its job as was intended, sweeping all manner of characters to the political space.

Those from the stables of the PDP back in 2015 who were humiliated beginning with from their polling booths particularly from the northern senatorial zone became political orphans. The only foothold of the PDP was to be found in the southern senatorial zone. One prominent loser from the northern senatorial zone naturally had to install a stooge from the southern senatorial zone as party Chairman. These are the two characters who have taken the PDP in Kaduna State hostage.

Together with others they planted in the Exco of the party, they make demands and are obtaining political ransom from the rest of the party. The PDP in Kaduna State has technically become the property of these two characters to the extent that any effort to bring in new faces is stridently resisted. I am irked by the fact that the political Oga, former governor, former senator and former caretaker Chairman of the PDP until very recently from the northern senatorial zone and the stooge he successfully planted as party Chairman have taken the party hostage.
Nothing gets through that does not receive their approval.

This clearly shows that the PDP at least in Kaduna State has failed to learn any lesson from those errors that were responsible for the loss of power in 2015. When there is no internal democracy in the PDP, how can the Party survive?
My humble understanding is that the PDP is not its leadership but the totality of the people in its ranks. If this is true, it then means that the power to make decisions lies with the people, sadly, this is not the case with the PDP in Kaduna State. I am convinced inside of me that given the current squabbles in the PDP in Kaduna State we may well be paving the way for another 4 more terrible years of dictatorship in Kaduna State. If for any reason this doomsday scenario does indeed come to pass, blame nobody aside the political godfather and the stooges masquerading as the Excos of the party at all levels in the State.

I thought that if the self styled godfather still had any political clout, he ought to have proven that in the last Chairmanship elections in which he could not produce even the councillor of his ward, in the very least. By this complete failure, should this character not let the PDP in Kaduna State move on?
Does this character not remember that he has already enjoyed the best of everything that this State has had on offer? He can continue deluding himself by attempting to play God but he knows that he can never be God. If he is not God, what then makes him think that he can play God?
The political trajectory of any politician in Kaduna State is certainly not for him to plot, such powers belong to God Almighty.

In due course, TIME will do its work without consulting with any mortal. In all of this the people of Southern Kaduna deserve much more than they have been receiving from the PDP or any other political party for that matter. The people of Southern Kaduna must wriggle out of the very tight space carved out for them by the political godfather from the northern senatorial zone and the stooge he imposed on the party as Chairman to do his bidding. The experiment the dictator El Rufai is trying out if for any reason we let it succeed will be akin to exploding a nuclear device over our heads.

Written by Col. Gora Dauda (rtd).

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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