Tantrums Of A Zero Vote Scoring Aspirant: Where Do We Go From Here (1)?

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May 24, 2019

Dr. John Danfulani.
By John Danfulani, Ph.D

HRH Agwon Adara III (RIP) summoned me to his palace in Kachia and “ordered” me to contest for the House Of Representatives seat. I didn’t resist his order because he was my teacher and paramount ruler. Sarkin Fada, Wakilin Yamma, Sarkin Malamai and Retired Captain Maidawa were all there.

HRH appealed to his royal colleagues in Kagarko LGA to garner the support of their subjects for his son. And “ordered” the Chairman of Adara Political Forum Mr.Sani Mazawaje and Magajin Gari Adara Chief A.G. Haruna to mobilise for success of the mission. They pretentiously and mischievously accepted the assignment.

I picked the nomination forms, appeared for screening and participated in congresses. Furthermore, I observed the rituals of official declarations (in Kachia and Kagarko LGs) and toured round the ward.
While interfacing with the delegates, I Pledged to provide a productive and sensitive representation.
Nothing more. Nothing less.

On 4th October, 2018 at 1.00 am, delegates voted. After tallying all the votes cast, I got no vote. A big zero for the rabble rousing Doctor. That was quite expected because I refused to visit votes buying and selling malls that opened and closed hours before the voting started. Since I was not there, I didn’t haggle – let alone buy a vote. I am glad that I successfully fought that temptation from Alpha to Omega. To God be the glory.

In addition to money-power variable, i have charges against my stubborn person. I was accused of; being a book long, poor ass (Fanon’s Wretched of The Earth),intransigent persona,and a fanatical Marxist-Leninist scholar by regular politicians in the constituency. Those with my history will attest that I was/I’m guilty as charged.
I went to schools, have no cash and I am highly principled – factors that drive away support from “professional politicians” in Kachia LG and the entire Southern Kaduna.

The last factor was the “threat” by Chief A.G. Haruna (Magajin Garin Adara) and his retrogressive and reactionary gang. At around 6:30pm of 3rd October 2018, they called a meeting of all the delegates in Adara Chief (8 wards) in his house and told them in clear terms that whosoever cast his vote for me will face the consequences. After reeling out their decree, they called political juggernauts in Kagarko and told them their resolution.That made them direct votes I ought to get to other aspirants because a vote for me wouldn’t add up.

Ironically, vote buyers and death-threat issuers couldn’t replicate same in the general elections of 23rd February and in the re-run of 9th March 2019. There was no cash to buy votes and capacity to threaten people in polling units in two LGs was nil. They were slammed like limping wrestlers in a PDP safe zone (Southern Kaduna).

Funny enough, they refused to surrender to fate like the no vote dude, (Dr.Danfulani). They are challenging the sacred will of the people of Kachia/Kagarko in the tribunal. After my disgrace and calamity, I picked my pieces and zoomed off. I didn’t even solicit for sympathy while carrying my heavy cross.
Not at all.
They lack that strength of character and the spirit of sportsmanship.
An excellent paragon of bad losers? Sure.

Commissioned and moronic mockers must know that, the awesome people of Kachia/Kagarko Federal constituency have served those behind the PDP charade of 3rd October, 2019 a cold spicy dish of vengeance. They are licking their smelly political wounds. Their tears are fresh and hot in a Buhari’s next level period.

They were grandmasters of intra-party selection process (primaries), while I am a dependable friends of the people. They gave me a simple fracture, and the people gave them a complicated one. They are men of zero faith, I am a man of mountain moving faith. We must have heard and seen their last, but my journey is just beginning.

Let’s do it again, tomorrow . More to reveal. Stay tune.

Written by Dr. John Danfulani



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