The AK47 And Fulani Herdsmen Terrorism – Gora Dauda

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January 17, 2018

For a fact the Russian prime assault rifle the AK 47 is the most ubiquitous assault rifle in the world today. The urgent need for an all weather, all terrain light assault rifle informed the research and subsequent development of this weapon starting in 1945 and.completed in 1947. This rifle has seen more combat than any other since its deployment in 1947 to date. It’s battlefield performance has been testament to its reliability. In the circumstances, the AK 47 became the favourite weapon for a variety of groups including liberation movements during the colonial enterprise, freedom fighters, terrorists and sundry criminal gangs. Any liberation war fought was probably won by the AK 47.

No western ideological propaganda could diminish this rifle in any way. The AK 47 played a prominent role in the ideological conflict between the East and the West during the Cold War era.

While acknowledging this rifle’s overall performance the West for purely political reasons have been shy of adopting it for their armed forces. There was a time when the interest of our former colonial masters informed what weapon was in the inventory of the Nigerian military since at that time they were still our major arms suppliers. The Nigerian Army therefore had to adopt the much heavier and less performing G3, the British self loading rifle and the Fabrigue Nationale (FN). Each of the militarily advanced nations actually deploys largely the weapons they manufacture simply out of pride.

The story was told to prove the strength to the concept of ,” Ethical neutrality of weapons ” in which case AK 47s manufactured in the former Soviet union, sold out to the Egyptian military captured by the Israeli’s and donated to the Biafrans during the Nigeria civil war, captured by the Federal troops found their way back to the Egyptians and Palestinian groups and were once deployed against the Israelis or even the Russians in either the conflicts in the Caucasus Region or Chechnya.

Of late this weapon found its way into the hands of criminal gangs in Nigeria, thanks to the collapse of the Libyan government which occasioned the looting of many weapons stores and depots as well as from other conflicts within the region. Such weapons being in high demand particularly in the Sahelian south of North Aftica and given the porous borders these weapons quickly found their way into wrong hands.

Sadly for us Nigeria not being a serious country with regards to her security, criminal as well as jihadist elements simply walked across our borders without anyone raising even a finger.

When Boko Haram began challenging the sovereignty of this nation, the Goodluck Jonathan administration was so lackadaisical in confronting this serious threat and so it quickly spread. When eventually the Buhari government prioritized the counter insurgency operations against Boko Haram, a security vacuum was created which the Police and the other security elements failed to contain.

At the stage we are in, in this crisis, no sane Nigerian will dismiss the obvious fact that a more sinister Islamist agenda is playing out. How else would anyone describe the effort to supplant the population of the Middle Belt?
How is the Federal government so nonchalant in dealing with this existential threat?
There has been a deliberate plan to mask genocide as herders/farmers clashes or as the IGP did conveniently put it, ” Communal clashes”.

Another intriguing phenomenon is the obvious fact that the command structure of the security architecture in this country is under the control of practitioners of a particular faith. The most worrying aspect of this deeply troubling situation is that the President does not appear to have the capacity for dealing with the situation. The tepid response or the lack of a response at all is feeding the narrative that the President is at best playing the ostrich. His attitude to governance and leadership in a general sense leaves much to be desired. His capacity if he ever had any to lead this nation in dire strait has over time been greatly diminished.

How else will the leader of a nation as complex as Nigeria not demonstrate leadership by visiting a community whose 70 members were mowed down by Fulani terrorists but would rather make out quality time to visit his son who was involved in an accident in the course of a pleasure ride on a power motor bike?

At the vanguard of our current travails as a nation are basically his Fulani kinsmen called by whatever name. With what has been playing out in the security sector, the oath sworn to protect all of us without regard to our faith or ethnicity has thus far been observed in the breach.

How can a terrorist group invade our hitherto sovereign nation visiting death and destruction on ethnic communities and such atrocities are allowed to repeat themselves with impunity?

This post believes that there is a clandestine agenda against this nation. If it is true that the present government was voted to power not on the basis of either ethnicity or religion, it is only fair to expect that out president is the father and leader of all of us. As it stands the government is heavily skewed in favour of a particular faith and ethnicity. Virtually every appointment that matters goes to this particular faith and ethnic group. Could this not be creating the impression that the excluded ethnic groups are not good enough or could not be trusted to deliver,?

Areas where the terrorists have visited mayhem on are selectively attended to by delegations of the Federal government. Supposing that it was another ethnic groups inflicting such wholesale destruction on the Fulani herders during a Fulani presidency would the response by the government be this casual?

It does not matter what contrary messages are being churned out by the vuvuzelas in the presidency as that is their calling but the fact stands out and clearly too that we all made the wrongest investment in our choice of a presidential candidate back in 2015. Most of us made that choice in the circumstance that Buhari was the best candidate in the pack.
Three years on, the political metamorphosis is almost complete and the outcome is divasating. Like it is commonly said ” The taste of the pudding is in the eating ” . Most of us particularly Middle Belters are left with a bad taste. Since you cannot just dismiss someone witiout putting him to the test, we have tested this president and have found him wanting on so many fronts principal amongst which is the failure to secure our lives and property in the face of attacks by the Fulani jihadists. To even consider the idea of a jihad in the 21st Century is the very height of absurdity and anyone thinking along such a path is living in history.

I have said it before that the balance of power presently rests with the Fulani terrorists given that they are well supplied with the weapons and logistics they require to execute their mission. In the end, the victim communities will learn one way or the other to defend themselves and their land. When we get to such a milestone the narrative is bound to change. The patience of the victimized ethnic nationalities is being overstretched to breaking point and since the AK 47s were not exclusively manufactured for the Fulani terrorists and their sponsors alone it therefore means that such could be sourced if it came to that and should this become necessary.

The easier battle though which I recommend very highly is replacing the present leadership through the democratic process. To do this you will need the voters card. Hurry, register and obtain yours.

Written by Gora Dauda.

He writes from Kaduna, North Western Nigeria.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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