The Hullabaloo Over Buhari’s Interest To Recontest In 2019


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April 19, 2018

By Gora Dauda
Muhammadu Buhari has announced his intention to recontest for the presidency in 2019

Just before embarking on yet another foreign trip, Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari announced to a select group of members of the governing All Progressive Congress, APC party about his intention/interest to stand again for the presidency, come 2019.

Prior to this indication of interest, the political space as far as the presidential contest is concerned was at best in a nebulous state. That the President at all made this important announcement should have been the best news ever for those who have been toying with the idea of whether to join in the contest or not.

Recalling the practice in my former constituency, Buhari’s announcement should have been taken as a “Warning Order ” which automatically should have triggered concurrent activity at all levels to meet the task ahead. Such series of activities are referred to in the Army as Battle Procedure.
Rather than kick start the preparation for the elections in less than a year from now, the announcement appears to have shocked or numbed the opposition forces to inactivity.

What we hear are hollow debates on why the President is standing again in 2019. Let’s get it out straight, if I had the resources, you can bet that I would have announced my candidature in the presidential contest in exercising my right under the Constitution. I am still considering my options though and you may not have heard the last word from me. In serious climes where the democratic culture has taken roots, the strategizing and planning for future elections starts as soon as one has been lost and won. In Nigeria, politics is played much in the manner of Naija Bet which is why prior preparation is not necessary.

We are set to witness yet another chaotic lead up to next year’s elections. With almost close to 40 registered political parties by the electoral body, Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC to undertake the business of politicking in the political space called Nigeria, only a handful are alive, while the rest exist only on paper. If all of the political associations registered as political parties did actually meet the criteria for registration, it is worrying why most of them are not alive or do I say are rather too shy to show their faces to Nigerians?

I see the whole drama simply as the creation of “Political Brides” to be wooed by one or two of the more serious political parties.
Is this not the system that has led us to the coinage, “Political Prostitution” and by extension “Political Polygamy”?

Since the President took ill early in his presidency he has been in and out of foreign medical facilities at least twice and while this was going on, some “traitors” within the governing APC were already busy in some political laboratories trying to come out with at least a political permutation which they had hoped will place them in good stead for the Vice-presidency in the event that the President did not make it back alive. The dictator of Kaduna State was rumoured as having been one of those scientists involved in the dubious scheme of clandestinely canvassing for the position of Vice-president. Recall that equally dubious memo he wrote to the President while he was battling with his health?
As it is commonly said, “Man proposes but God disposes”. The dubious and equally treacherous schemes fell flat on the face before their own eyes as Baba regained his health and has been back in business.

The dictator who has single handedly brought Kaduna State to a ruinous state was probably rattled by Baba’s improving health. Such a treacherous reward is just one of the dividends Baba is harvesting for helping to impose the dictator on the hapless people of Kaduna State.
Kaduna State as we speak is yearning for a true people centered leader that will rescue us from the jaws of death.

We as indigenes of Kaduna State are convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that the dictator’s gang have subjected the State to the status of a guinea pig in an experiment that is doomed to fail. If there was any hope or substance in the experiment, surely one of the 35 remaining States would have borrowed a leaf from our State. The President’s announcement was therefore a sickening development to those in the conspiracy who had hoped to benefit from his demise or non participation in next year’s elections.

Perhaps if the former Vice-president Alhaji Abubakar Atiku had tarried a little bit longer with the governing APC, I still believe that he would have been the candidate that would have given every other candidate in the party a run for his money. He took the dive rather too early in the day when the APC as a vessel was still afloat and sailing. Of course he landed on the hard place and if he expected that open arms would be there to welcome him as he decamped to the former ruling party, he met an uninspiring reception as the dinosaurs in that party are thinking differently. But for his being a perennial decampee I would have suggested that he apologises and returns to the APC but he ought to be aware that there might be consequences. This is the season for apologies and I am aware that some of the dinosaurs have been sending in their apologies to Nigerians for the reckless manner they ran the nation for 16 of the projected 60 years they had hoped to hold political power.

To some of us, the apologies will amount to nothing without restitution being made. The CHANGE Nigerians voted for is assessed differently depending on who you speak to. The preponderance of views is essentially of deep frustration and or disappointment.

I belong to the group still wondering why after 3 previous attempts to be President it is very clear that there was no strategic plan for this nation before the election was won. After the victory at the polls there was difficulty consummating it. One excuse after another were advanced for the very slow speed in bringing the CHANGE to the people. If there were to be a pragmatic people oriented leader who can challenge the president for the high office of President, I am believing that such will sweep the electorate off their feet.
Now that the decision by PMB is common knowledge, it is up to the opposition forces to quickly put their house in order to be able to mount an effective challenge otherwise I’m afraid that another 4 years of PMB lies ahead for all of us.

Written by Gora Dauda, a retired military personnel from Kaduna.

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