The Korean Summit : New History in the Dream Making Zone


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April 27, 2018

Kim (left) and Moon from North and South Korea respectively at the DMZ, making a dream.
The world was kept in the dark that the former CIA director, Mike Pompeo (left) had secretly flown into Pyongyang to meet with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un. It set the stage for the Summit.

The surprising rapprochement between
Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean leader and President Moon of South Korea is a necessary first step towards detente and eventual reunion of the two Korean nations pulled apart by the Cold War and the external intrigues of ideologically separate East -West nations in the world.

The summit is an opportunity for world peace and the first time a North Korean leader has stepped his foot in the south since 1953.
Kim Jong-Un has described it as ‘New history starting from now, at the historic starting point of an era of peace’, when
President Moon greeted Kim at the demilitarised zone of Panmunjom.

The DMZ has been happily referred to as a Dream Making Zone by enthusiastic school children near the border.

As a follow up, President Donald
Trump says he is considering 3 or 4 possible dates for talks with Kim Jong-Un.

One positive outcome of the summit, was the two ideologically different nations speaking with one voice against the occupation of some disputed islands by Japan, as Korean territory. A possible reunion of the two nations would be very stiff competition for Japan. The world would breathe a sigh of relief should unification occur because North Korea would definitely be drawn out of isolation and accept denuclearization.

Their example would have a precedence. West Germany reunited with East Germany and a strong German nation arose to lead Europe.

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