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July 28, 2017

Dr. John Danfulani

Traducers a.k.a THE EMPIRE DOGS had a sense of self fulfillment from Sunday 23rd to Tuesday 25th July 2017 .
Yes they had.
It was all over their faces.
Because my political pilgrimage to the charismatic leader of Indegenous People of Biafra(IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Umuahia bestowed them an opportunity to demonstrate to their terror compensator and pit of hell lying Governor that they are working.What a pity and silly display of myopism cum parochialism.

A chapter in James Carville and Paul Begela (Clinton And DNC strategists) award winning book titled “Buck Up, Suck Up And Come Back When You Foul Up” should convince Sir Kashim Ibrahim House’s blind apologists that; they swallowed a poisonous bait and sheepishly walked into my Viet-Cong-like booby trap.
This is another confirmation that they are baby propagandists without the sagacity and prowess to read the thin blue lines in between anything thickish. I’m struggling to understand why a self-acclaimed sharpish will commission a cream of strategic and tactical lame ducks, political nonentities, and intellectual lilliputians to defend his unpopular and apartheid-like policies.

This tactless and ramshackle way of doing things can also be seen in the way official spokesmen of government repudiate critical commentaries and memoirs from opponents and folks alike.
An excellent paragon of this is their moronic, imbecilic and dumb-headed reaction to the KADUNA RESTORATION GROUP letter to Governor El-rufai.

Their reaction was suffocated with careless and inappropriate words and phrases to the degree of portraying them as confusionists, amateurish and sadistic belittlers.

What on earth will make you reference a nationally and internationally known and respected Professor of Law as a “so-called Professor”?
What on earth will make you tag (Dr.) Ahmed Tijjani Rammallan, a man with investments worth billions of Naira in Kaduna State and a known politician of repute as a non-indigene ?
Ironically and quite absurdly, the dude that signed the letter was chased or ran-away from Ahmadu Bello university- meaning, he has no first degree, let alone post graduate degrees.
Despite this glaring demonstration of ineptitude, unprofessional handling and dissemination of information and cluelessness, they called themselves professional journalists and Public Relations experts. Shameful!

The paymaster of the e-rats (Baby-rats) and b-rats (Big-rats) must know that, he is wasting his resources on characters without a nuisance value, credibility, and strategic sagacity.
The people of Southern Kaduna know those that have their back since 29th May 2015. Our ever conscious people have seen and heard voices of those that care-in very troubling and turbulent moments.
Similarly, they have seen a white-garment political opportunist and spent force that flew to Lagos and call the genocide in Southern Kaduna, “So-called Killings”. Then read very damning and moronic articles from Southern Kaduna conscriptees defending a vicious terror compensating governor and his hell hole policies.

These certified charlatans aren’t even willing to execute their treacherous let-downs alone, they have invited legendary pay-as-you-go Southern Kaduna haters to help them mud-sling and denigrate people reporting the genocide in Southern Kaduna. And daring a lying Governor that said on 6th April 2016 that we are 30%, calling our protesting mothers indecent, closed our schools, and arrogantly persecuted our people.
These simpletons, wool heads and goat-brained zanies wouldn’t permit any issue based discussion bordering on the faithfulness or betrayal of our social contract with their panjandrumic student Governor ventilate in the public domain.

No amount of spewing of this so-called Professor, so-called Ph.D, so-called activist, so-called academics, and so-called this and that will discountenance the realism that; their man in the mirror is a horrible and terribly stinky kitchen sink. Their demigod is extremely poor in monitoring his lies and a czar of double, if not triple talk.
They don’t and will never have the intellectual capacity to dispel the fact that the man they are ignorantly thinking they are protecting is a bigot, blasphemous dude, overrated character, and a political wet.

And now, let’s get back to my political pilgrimage to IPOB’s leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Umuahia.
Before my visit and my famous declaration that set fire on their crazy heads, Professors Jeremiah Alhassan Gana and Dakum Shawn of Plateau state told all and sundry that in the event of balkanization of this 1914 contraption and fraudulent political wedlock called Nigeria, the middle belt will go with the South.
Aside these two very strong personalities, countless middle Beltern groups expressed same. When these personalities and groups stated their positions, none of these fat asses raised a dissenting voice. Apart from their personalities, is there a difference between what they said and my declaration?
No difference whatsoever.
Yet most of these dissimulative and undesirable elements said “I don’t have personal problems with John Danfulani”. They have plenty personal qualms with him. Short, pure and simple.

Let me restate once more; if the feudalistic and backward core-northern Nigeria keeps blocking paths to major political reforms in Nigeria (including a referendum for Ndigbos) and palaver ensue, we shall side with the south.
We can’t repeat the 1967-1970 stupidity of fighting any southern Nigerian nation on behalf of our internal colonizers that were mischievously procreated and weaned by the British imperialists.

Let it be known; the principle of ONE NORTH ONE DESTINY is a science of repression and subjugation of the central Nigerian communities invented by Sir Ahmadu Bello the Premier of the now laid-to-rest Northern Region.

I have a thick skin that is not sensitive to dumbs and dumbers, tantrums and comics. Nobody can bamboozle me with folly or dazzle me with bullshit. Let it also be known that, I don’t wobble effort.
I know when to attack and when to retreat. I’m a tested, trusted, and certified master of diplomacy of violence.

You haven’t seen anything, yet. I’m just test running the engine of my intransigence and rebellion.

Dr. John Danfulani was until recently, a lecturer with the Kaduna State University, Kaduna, North west Nigeria

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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