The Positive Side Of The Covid-19 Pandemic, And How Nigeria Can Leverage On It’s Advantages

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May 23, 2020

Some thought provoking words where written by Ekene Banye recently about the current Covid-19 pandemic that is ravaging the world and he wrote thus:

“Nigeria and the rest of Africa should be very thankful that thus far, this pandemic hasn’t created a medical havoc, and may not create one in Africa.

It is therefore very important that we conduct extensive research to know exactly why, and start building our medical infrastructure. This is long overdue.

Knowing why will be very critical in dealing with future global health issues.

If we want to continue with our heads in the sand, and do not start taking the necessary actions, we may not be so lucky next time”.

Currently circulating in the social media is the story of former Borno State governor, Alhaji Goni. He eventually fell victim to the horrible healthcare system in Nigeria. As it is, shit has happened . Our so called elites, those who have dehumanized us over the years are suddenly experiencing the horror they subjected us to.

Former Governor of Borno state’s son Umar Goni , had this to say on the state of healthcare in Nigeria:


This is really not the best time to fall sick in Nigeria: Former civilian governor of Borno state Muhammad Goni recently fell ill. He was tossed from one hospital to another until he died.

Listen to his son, Umar Goni: “Our dad was sick around 9_10 pm, we rushed him to the Teaching Hospital, to my surprise, we couldn’t find a single doctor. None of the consultants was around, once they tell them a patient is around, they run, thinking he’s a Covid-19 patient. We couldn’t get a bed, we couldn’t get even first aid.

We had to rush him to a private hospital, when we got there, there were no facilities, we could only get a glucose drip to revive him. We couldn’t get oxygen and he needed oxygen. We went to another hospital where we got oxygen but the cylinder was leaking.

We had to watch him….. the next day we called someone in government who called for a primary health care ambulance, brand new ambulance but no paramedic inside even for first aid, the second one came, there was oxygen cylinder but the top wasn’t there, the bed was broken, they then referred us again to University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital with a referral note to admit him, for them to admit him, they refused. The state commissioner for health had to intervene, they were scared because they don’t have protective equipments. They didn’t have face masks. One of them even asked me if I had facemask.

There is a problem, if somebody of my father’s status cannot access primary health for first aid, then I pity the common man.
– Umar Goni.

Traumatic experience that was, for an elite of the caliber of a former governor who ordinarily would have access to the best hospital facilities in western countries, paid for with taxpayers money in hospitals built by responsible governments in the world. Irresponsible governance in Nigeria has left the countries hospitals derelict. Today, they are even worse than ” mere consulting clinics” that they were in 1983 which the then new military government talked about.

Shit has now hit the ceiling fan . The expensive health package tenable in the best hospitals abroad former governors have as pension have been rendered a nullity. No foreign country would agree to admit Nigeria’s politicians into their overstretched hospitals due to the pandemic. It is therefore imperative if the intelligence is there, to start fixing the country’s healthcare system now. Fix them and fix also the security system to such an extent that would attract Nigeria’s best known global healthcare practitioners to come back home. Reversing the brain drain can easily attract medical tourism wealth into the country.

Over to the politicians that would require the grace to overcome their petty jealousies and rivalries that rendered the ministry of health so redundant, it procured no equipment because former Chief of Staff to the president, Mallam Abba Kyari was alleged to have had differences with then health minister, Prof. Isaac Adeoye. It didn’t help anyone. Neither did it help the healthcare system when a havoc occurred.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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