Troubled And Inconsolable, Kaduna South’s Dirge As The Earth Swallows Slain Agom Adara



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November 11, 2018

Late Agom Adara, Dr. Maiwada Raphael Galadima (J.P.), 1954-2018,

Adara Nation mourns. So is Southern Kaduna.
We are troubled and inconsolable. We are singing dirges. Sadness has enveloped our land. The earth is preparing to swallow a King.. One of our finest fathers has been slain. Sons of perdition have taken his blood upon their hands. He didn’t commit any crime. His only offense was that he stood for his people, defended his land, culture and tradition. He spoke truth to power and opposed neo colonialism.

While we mourn our revered royal father, we curse the perpetrators of this heinous crime. We have questions that seek answers. How is it possible that a first class king can be abducted so cheaply, taken into the thick of the forest by criminals and killed even after a ransom was collected?
How is this possible?
Has society so degenerated that it’s sons and daughters have so mortgaged their consciences that it no longer matters that the custodians of our tradition get humiliated and killed in the most bizarre manner possible?
Was it just a crime of impulsivity? Or was it premeditated?

This couldn’t have happened by happenstance. Before the abduction and killing of the Agom Adara, we earlier lost the Etum Numana. Armed Fulani Terrorists invaded his palace and mauled him down alongside his wife. We have lost track of the story.
What has happened to the killers?
Were they ever caught?
Are they being prosecuted?

Then we had the kidnapping of Agwom Ikulu. He was violently abducted and taken from his sacred palace. He spent days in the forest in the hands of his abductors. It took the concerted effort of family members and the Ikulu Nation to secure his release. Luckily, he is alive today to tell the story.

Then we had the humiliation of the Chief of Kurama by the state government. He was taken into custody and treated like a common criminal. He didn’t commit any offense. The ever vigilant youth in his chiefdom fought so hard to wade off Fulani herdsmen terrorists from his kingdom. The youth took out any existential threat to life and property in the territory. The powers that be didn’t like this. The paramount ruler was taken and jailed. Again, it took serious intervention from men and women of goodwill before he was granted bail.

So looking at all these, can we not safely conclude that the government of Nasir El Rufai has deliberately set out to malign and humiliate our royal fathers?

Before then, we watched the governor dethrone our district heads. He alone knows the motive behind this erratic behaviour. No governor in the history of this country has ever treated royal fathers with such contempt and disdain. Yet, he gets away with his excesses. He is above the law. He is in fact law unto himself. The entire state has become a haven for crime and criminality. Ordinary citizens are abducted and killed. Now the royal fathers are not spared. Shall we stand by and watch this continue?

Meanwhile, we are yet to hear our royal fathers raise a voice to protest and condemn the tyranny being perpetrated against them. Not even a statement condemning this terrorism carefully planned and executed against them?

Do our royal fathers not have a voice? What’s the fascination with political correctness? How can a governor threaten a whole institution and not even a whimper?
This is not right. Our royal fathers must rise and begin to speak with one voice. They must be united in their fight of this common threat. Else, one by one they will be humiliated and run aground.

The world needs to know what you are passing through. And the only way is to tell your story yourselves. Value your life and dignity over and above ephemeral things. Protest and reject the aberration that is about to be imposed on our kingdoms. The change in nomenclature is a Greek gift. It is a decoy aimed at taking us back to the days of slavery. You must see through this plot and oppose it vehemently.

To the Adara Nation, the assassination of your royal father is meant to provoke you and test your resolve. Resist the temptation for vengeance. The blood of the king will surely avenge for you. The Lord of host is with you. The God of Jacob is your stronghold.

Written by Fr Williams Kaura Abba

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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