Trump Blows His Chance To Concede And Be Like Nigeria’s Jonathan; He Ends Up A Whimp By Imitating Gambia’s Jammeh

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January 7, 2020


President Donald Trump of the United States

Mike Pence stuck to the script on electoral vote count saying he welcomed efforts by lawmakers to raise objections about ‘voting irregularities’, at the joint sitting of the house before Capitol Hill was locked down and invaded by some of Trump’s supporters.



The entire chaotic event has exposed the fragility of the American ideal. Trump is now being seen as an enemy of the state, from near statesman. Twitter, Facebook have imposed restrictions on the American President.

How will the US now respond to Trump ?
He threw his Vice president under the bus and decided to be at war with his own administration.

“What happened here was insurrection”, says Senator Mitt Romney.

Hear what Mike Rubio had to say, “There is nothing patriotic about what is occurring on Capitol Hill. This is Third World style anti-American anarchy”.

“Not dissent but disorder “
“This isn’t a protest. It is insurrection”, Joe Biden demanded Trump to call off insurrection. Our democracy is under unprecedented assault”.

World leaders have expressed deep revulsion at what Donald Trump is doing to democracy in the US.

French President Emmanuel Macron believes in democracy, but knows that the ongoing chaos orchestrated by Trump and his supporters does not represent American democracy, which dates back about 200 years in relationship with France.


German Chancellor, Angela Merkel has called for a restoration of order and democracy.

Within Congressmen and women, Ayanna Presley is calling for the prompt impeachment of Donald Trump from office.

Canadian leader, Justin Trudeau has equally condemned what happened on Capitol Hill. So has condemnation come from New Zealand, Nigeria, Latin America, etc.


These are some of the attributes that come with taking democracy backwards, and Trump truly goofed.

Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan conceded even before the final tally of results were made known, granting him the status of a global statesman. Unlike Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh who did not want to quit after losing an election and was chased into exile by an international military force.

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Greg Abolo

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