Voices: Lamentations On Lost Lives, As The North Heightens Street Protests Over The Flow Of Blood

The Oasis Reporters

June 16, 2020


Northern youths have taken to the streets in protest against insecurity.



Why is the “North” huffing and puffing against Buhari now?;

When Southern Kaduna was bleeding the “North” kept quiet;
When terrorists took over Benue State, the “North” kept mum;
When Plateau State cried out, the “North” blocked its ears;

Chibok, Dapchi fell, no single whimper;
Southern Kaduna, Benue, Plateau, Taraba are not parts of the “North”, “their North”;

Now, Northern Elders Forum, Coalition of Northern Youths, several groups in the North, “their North” are huffing and puffing;
Clerics are spewing and speaking out “the truth”;
Women, Youths and children are protesting because their “North” is at the receiving end;
Katsina, Zamfara, Birnin Gwari Sokoto – “their North” is bleeding;

Chibok and Dapchi girls were not worth the protest by the North, “theirNorth”;
Southern Kaduna, Benue, Plateau, Taraba are not worth the protests, by the North, “their North”;
They are not part of “their North”;

Listen to the speeches now;
Watch the protests now;
Pay attention to the anger;
Southern Kaduna, Benue, Plateau, Taraba, Chibok or Dapchi are not mentioned;

It is all about the North, “their North” ;
When we cried out We expected empathy;
We expected the North and the South to cry out with us;
We expected all humanity to cry out with us;
We expected the North and the South to protest with us;
We expected the North and the South to join us;
The South cried with and joined us;

When we called on the people to take all available legal means to protect and defend themselves;
We were called wailers;
We were vilified;
We were called names;
We were accused of hate speech;

Gen. T. Y. Danjuma was hated;
SOKAPU was misunderstood;
We were threatened;
We were arrested;
We were incarcerated;

Buhari, Buhari, Buhari is the President;
All security organs are in the hands of Northerners, “their North”;
Their North is now bleeding;
The same bleeding the Middle Belt bled and still bleeds;
The same bleeding the South-South, South-West and South-East bled and still bleed;

And the North is now huffing and puffing ;
Huffing and puffing about the North, “their North”


It is not about North or South;
It is not about Christianity or Islam;
It is not about Atyap, Angas; Hausa, Yoruba or Igbos;
It is about the blood that flows;
North or South, the blood is flowing;
Children, women, the aged, the vulnerable, blood is flowing;
The blood of the Atyap is precious;
The blood of the Yoruba is precious;

The blood of the Muslim is precious;
The blood of the Christian is precious;
We chose to cry out wherever men and women are murdered, raped, terrorized;
We cry out at injustice against Christians and Muslims;
We chose to cry out; We are crying for the North, yes, “their North”;
We are crying for the South;
We are crying for Nigeria;
We are crying for humanity

– Solomon Musa ,
16 June, 2020

2. We told them to disarm the armed herdsmen who were walking around with AK 47s with impunity. Buhari said no, and many of his kinsmen and supporters backed him up.

Some of his kinsmen even brazenly and shockingly said the herdsmen needed the automatic weapons to protect themselves, never mind that it is against Nigerian law to own, let alone walk around with, military weapons.

At that time, when this trouble began, the carnage was mostly in Central Nigeria and Southern Nigeria, the victims mostly non-Hausa/Fulani Muslims.

It was easy for people in power and their provincial supporters to look away and pretend that all was well.

Now see where the lethargy, refusal to act, and lack of empathy for victims who are different and disempowered have landed us.

Today the victims are spread across the country, diverse in the language they speak and in their religious devotions.

The lesson is simple: if you fail to stop violence because you and your kinsfolk are not (yet) affected, you will soon realize that violence, when left unchecked and unpunished, will inevitably expand its theatre and proliferate, and no one will be safe.

– Prof MOSES Ochonu


107 Killed in Kajuru, Kaduna State, 82 people killed in BORNO, 70 souls wasted in Sokoto, 60 lives terminated in Katsina, total of 319 deaths from the same people all within one week!

NO CONDOLENCE Message to the Bereaved Families. No service Chief was sacked.

Suddenly, the message that is brought to the front-burner is the reintegration of ‘repentant’ terrorists to the society to kill more Christians and those who exposed them in the past.

Nigerian Lives Matter!

Christian Lives Matter in Nigeria.

These killings must STOP!

I urge CAN to do a Nationwide ONLINE PROTEST against the killings in Kajuru and other Northern States!

The lockdown has not stopped us from communicating!

Kajuru is a Christian Community and before El-Rufai’s time was a peaceful, prosperous, tolerant decent place to be! Why are they killing our brothers and sisters and mothers and father’s without our resistance ?

Let’s take 3 days and run the Campaign #global community, stop the killings in Kajuru! #kajuru lives matter! Let’s share it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram…. everywhere!

Let’s stand with our brothers and sisters in the North to stop this plague!

It is deliberate, it is dastardly carried out with the backing of those in Government that is why they are silent!

The RIGHT TO LIFE is a Fundamental Human Right! No body, no party, no herdsman, no ethnic militia, no Islamic terror group, no Security Operative, has the right to terminate the lives of Nigerians unlawfully!

Enough is enough! This killings must STOP in every part of Nigeria!

Christian Youths STAND with KAJURU!

The Revd Edward Obumneme Joseph
Chairman, Youth Wing of CAN, Ebonyi State!

4. I find myself in the rare position of protesting in America for the lives of my kids even as I protest for the lives of kids in Africa.

In Nigeria, muslims are killing blacks in alliance with the Mideast; in America, “Christians” are killing blacks; in Libya/Lebanon/Mauritania Arabs are selling blacks as slaves. In Israel, blacks are mistreated despite all God’s injunctions to treat the foreigner well. It’s not a great time to be black.
I can no longer in good conscience distinguish between the ethno-religious persecution by the Fulani Islamists and the pernicious discrimination of systemic racism by supremacists and their enablers.

Solomon Musa

Prof. Moses Ochonu

Emmanuel Ogebe

The Revd Edward Obumneme Joseph
Chairman, Youth Wing of CAN, Ebonyi State!

Compiled by Emmanuel Ogebe, ESQ.

Barrister Ogebe is a US based Rights activist and heads the Nigeria/US Law Group based in Washington DC.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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