What Made Col Abu Ali Ride Alone To Battle BHT? Heroic Exploits Of An Uncommon Soldier


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November 12, 2018


Col. Abu Ali.

Nigeria’s War Legend, born in 1980, newly wedded with a baby was uncommon in zeal and passionate about his country when he enlisted into the Nigerian Defense Academy, NDA and trained as a top notch Tank Commander.

Col. Abu Ali and his young family.

One of his soldiers simply identified as @hardyl had this description of his boss to give :

We saw this small innocent looking man with his coverall and bushy hair after the GOC had addressed us. He came with his Tanks and MRAPs to beef us up.
It was only when a junior rank officer in uniform gave him compliments while he was addressing us that we got to know that he’s an Officer

This was around March 2015 when the then GOC 7 Div (General Officer Commanding the 7th Division of the Nigerian Army) came to address us about the task ahead because BHT (Boko Haram Terrorists) had taken over virtually the whole of Bornu state, except Konduga. With so much anger on our faces, we had no option other than to adhere to his orders.
Besides, he’s a Man worth working for. With the limited time he spent in the Division the morale and advice he gave to troops was more than enough to ginger us into working for him and the nation. This was at a period of unbelief and despondency, such that even the President could not give orders to troops and they’d obey because we all knew there were traps and ambushes already laid and Boko Haram sympathizers or moles in the military had informed the Terrorists that we were coming after them.
“Troops were tired SF(special forces), are no more themselves”, so dispirited and angry.

Then came that fateful morning when we were about to embark on the deadly journey in deep fear and trepidation.

At his morale boosting words and advice, we all shouted in unison, then prepared to move forward.
The last time my voice raised that way was when I was with South African Mercenaries fighting together.

The Journey started from Welcome to Maiduguri with some soldiers even advancing without rifles and (jalabia).

Shooting started from Tungushe. But Col. Abu Ali stood by his words, “Gentlemen, just do 10% of the job and leave the remaining 90% to me. ”
And the 10% will be the ones running without rifles. He went over 1 km ahead of us fighting and killing the bastards. Those without rifles got one each from the Boko Haram terrorists Col Abu Ali had mowed down. And our 10% as usual was dashing down catching and slaughtering those running away.

On getting to Gajiram after Gajigana the terrorists laid an ambush shooting for over 4 hours.
Guess what, Col. Abu Ali was the only one there with his T-72 Tank. We were enveloped with fear because should anything funny eventually happen to him, then we’d be in big trouble!

But credit should go to the 2ic (Second in Command), then Col. Eyitayo who quickly sent for reinforcement and amazingly,we saw more MRAPs within 10 Minutes!
I then started wondering, so the Army can send reinforcement that quickly? Meanwhile serious firing was ongoing.

Permit me to concentrate with my AA first. We scaled the hurdle by killing several terrorists and capturing several Arms and Ammos (ammunition), burning several tanks before we got to Monguno.
Guess what?
I won’t voice out what we saw there let it remain secret.

We dropped the boss Gen. Udoh and commenced Advance, our destination being Kangarwa. You won’t know how far the Journey is if you’re in Nigeria.

Fighting and killing continued from Monguno and on getting to Kuros, another terrible thing happened, shooting for over 7 hours and Col. Abu Ali’s tank stopped. Fear gripped us. Then one of the officers came to tell us his guess that Col. Abu Ali has fainted because of the chemical inside the tank.
We went close to him with the 6 MRAPs after clearing the place providing cover for him, he came out of the tank and told us that the problem was electrical.

While they were trying to fix the Tank, the bastards came in large numbers shouting ‘Allahu-akbar’ (God is great), with heavy volume of firing and RPGs bomb for several hours, but we managed to clear them, though our troops were KIA (killed in action) and many WIA (wounded in action).

Luckily Col. Abu Ali’s Tank was fixed and Kuris is very close to Baga where we know the main battle is. Journey started again and as we got close to Baga, another obstacle occurred. After killing so many of them, they started shouting, “dodo”.
We asked the ones we captured alive why they were shouting ‘Dodo’ and they told us that they were referring to Abu Ali’s Tank.
Question now is, How do they know Abu Ali’s Tank?
Na who I go ask? Who should I ask?

We eventually got to Baga. There was No food. No water, with fatigue all over us. Luckily we saw where they (BHT) roasted dry meat and a store of Minerals guess what? We charged through and ate it up.
Assumimg that they had poisoned it? For where na Abu Ali first test am sef. Col Abu Ali was the first to taste the meat.

The Journey continued to Doro. Kangarwa. Gashigar down to Mallam Fatori.

End of part one on the life and times of late Col Abu Ali, Nigeria’s extraordinary Tank Commander who single-handedly changed the tide of battle against the Boko Haram Terrorists in Nigeria’s north east, wreaked by an Islamist insurgency.

Credit goes to
@jassjegs, dutiful soldier that narrated the story giving us a peek into the ongoings in the field of battle

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