Why The Righteous Should And Must Be Involved In Politics



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November 25, 2018

Philip Umar

Politics in Africa, especially Nigeria is becoming deadlier and dirtier every day. Arson, blackmail, assassination among a host of other evils has entered right into the bloodstream of Nigerian politics. In fact it is so intense that some people are saying that politics has become a domain for the dishonourable. The chaos that characterize Nigerian politics has actually scared so many people from participating, especially the righteous ones.
The fundamental questions here are; who are the people that will fix the misdemeanor going on in the political sphere?
Should the righteous really participate in politics?
As you read on, you shall be exposed to why believers should and must participate in politics.

Because of its ubiquitous nature, politics has received keen attention by different scholars globally. David Easton conceived politics as “authoritative allocation of values”. In similar vein, Harold Lasswell viewed it as “who gets what, when and how”.
In short, three things characterize politics- acquisition, utilization and maintenance of power. Politics is necessary because resources/values in society are scarce, hence the compelling need for a legitimate authority that will steer their allocation among members of the society to avoid chaos.

What is disheartening is that, so many righteous or good people have decided to shy away from politics. This is largely due to the misconceptions they have as to what politics is all about. Here I must confess that the mass media and even the religious institutions have contributed a lot. Most of the deceptive acts are termed ‘politics’ or ‘political’. This made some righteous or good people to conceive politics to be synonymous with deception. This is not true.

Politics is actually providing leadership role to humanity as Aminu Kano rightly pointed out, “Politics is the management of human affairs”.
The need for righteous or good people to participate in politics can never be over emphasized.
Rom 13:1 says “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God”.
Here the Bible has made it very categorical that we must submit to political authorities because they are instituted by God. This also means that, the laws, rules and regulations made by our political leaders are binding on us as righteous or good people. The policies and decisions of government affect you irrespective of your faith.
To buttressing this argument, Ralph M. argued that, “it’s possible not to be interested by what the state does, but it’s not possible not to be affected by it”.

It means you may decide not to take part in state affairs (politics) but its actions affect you, independent of your choice. Therefore, righteous or good people must come out en masse to aspire for political positions. This will give us more opportunities to promote godly counsel in the country. Making good policies and decisions require enormous wisdom and insight. And of course no one gives wisdom and insight as the Holy Spirit. No wonder the exploits of the likes of Joseph, David, Daniel, Mordecai in their days.

Most righteous or good people complain that politics is a dirty game, hence their lack of participation. Well, it is indeed true that, the people that determine the direction of resources (politicians) and the process that do bring them in to their positions (politics) is dirty. In fact to me, this is the more reason why Christian must go into politics.
This is so because Matt 5:14-1 says “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden”. Even though we are the light and salt of the world, if we remain hidden our impact cannot be felt. The political sphere is dirty and full of darkness so we can go there and display the light of Christ.

To further elucidate on this, Dr D. James Kennedy, a one time president of the United States posited that, “if righteous or good people don’t get involved in civic government, politics shall always remain dirty”.
Also Hon Musa Jibril, an indigenous Zamfara politician argued that, “politics is a dirty game only for the dirty minds”. Therefore, righteous or good people must move out of the four walls of their religious institutions buildings and begin to make impact in their societies. William Wilberforce and Martin Luther are good examples of righteous or good people that made an indelible imprint on their societies through the initiation of Slavery Abolishment Act in 1833 in the British parliament and Protestant Reformation in Germany respectively.

More so, many righteous or good people hate politics on the basis that, it is full of diabolism and occultism. That is also true. But for your information, all organizations and institutions including the religious institutions are largely full of occultism. This is to fulfill Dan. 11:32 “with flattery he will corrupt those who violated the covenant, but those who know their God will firmly resist him”. So anywhere you are thinking of going can’t be a safe haven. Darkness has truly covered the people. In this end time only those that know their God can stand the test of time. Therefore, running away from the mainstream politics cannot be the solution rather, developing and maintaining a strong family and personal altar where you meet with God daily can.

Like I said earlier, whether you like it or not politics affects you in one way or the other. For instance, the departmental levies you pay as a student are fixed by your student unionist leaders. Even the God/god to worship can be determined by the politicians. This also agrees with Freeman’s submission that, “If more believers had been involved in the political actions of our nation through the ages, we certainly would not be in the mess we are now! The moral vacuum we see in America today is a direct result of moral people refusing to be involved in civic affairs. I hope we can reverse this vacuum”.

If Nigeria and indeed the entire world must become a better place to live, genuine righteous or good people under the unction and covering of the Holy Spirit must join politics.
This is clearly expressed by Abraham Kuyperwho noted that “we (righteous or good people) not only have reason to become involved in political process, we have a moral duty”.
But as you venture into politics, holiness and righteousness should be your watch words or else diabolic powers will be there to consume you!

Written by Umar Philip


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