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2023: Why The World Is Interested In Peter Obi Emerging As Nigeria’s President. Watch The Show At 7 Today

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August 5, 2023





Peter Obi, Dr. Jeffrey Guterman (left)

By Greg Abolo

An American born retired mental health specialist Dr. Jeffrey Guterman has shown an abiding and very deep interest in Nigerian politics by planning to host a show on the Nigerian economy with Peter Obi today, August 5, 2022 by 7.00pm Nigerian time.

Many Nigerians on the Twitter space are already primed to tune in. The keen interest in Nigerian affairs by the global community reveals that the country cannot be in isolation.

Oluremi Sonaiya has raised questions over this, and is curious to know why an American would go out of his way to follow Nigerian politics, up to the point of hosting shows on it.


Dr. Jeffrey Guterman answered that he loves Nigeria and Nigerians.

I knew that he was being diplomatic in his answer.

There’s no way discerning members of the global community would not notice the loudness of Nigerians in practically every country and every city of the world.

Over 450 years ago, many citizens of the space that has become known as Nigeria today were being kidnapped and carried away into slavery, unwillingly and bitterly.

We’ve read the book by Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther who was a simple Oyo area boy that was kidnapped against his will and sold into slavery. He mentioned the tribe that swooped on his people and forced them into slavery. In fact, his entire family was captured and sold off by the black slave merchants on horsebacks. This is unfortunately still going on through kidnaps of school children, travelers and even ordinary people in their various places and farms.

Curiously, many Nigerians are themselves fleeing from the hardship and insecurity that is the lot of Africa’s most populous nation. The global community notices the massive immigration into their countries and dig to find out why.

Nigeria’s problem, according to Prof. Chinua Achebe is “leadership”. The country has sleepwalked from man made humanitarian disaster to the other.

The world is interested because if Nigeria descends into crisis, no country in West Africa can accommodate 200 million refugees without causing a humanitarian crisis globally. As many Nigerians show interest in American elections, they too watch Nigerian affairs.

Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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