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37 Billion Naira For The National Assembly Renovation: What You May Not Have Known

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December 31, 2019

Nigeria’s National Assembly.

Corruption is not just stealing, not just embezzlement of money, not just gratification as the anti-corruption crusaders in Nigeria would want us to believe, it is simply the manipulation of due process to gain or take advantage, financially or otherwise.

In the United States of America, US President, Donald Trump was impeached by a Democratic Party controlled House of Representatives for what they termed, an attempt by Donald Trump to corrupt the United States electoral process. The call by Donald Trump to Ukrainian President to commence an investigation into the dealings of Joe Biden, former US Vice President and potential Democratic Party Presidential candidate in the US 2020 presidential election, is seen by the House of Representatives as an attempt by Trump to seek favor that will damage the image and chances of Biden in the coming elections to give Trump an advantage. This was therefore seen as an attempt to corrupt the system and deemed as an abuse of public office.

It is quite unfortunate that the president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) and his followers from 1984 to date do not actually know what corruption is, and this is just the reason why they do not also know what to do about fighting corruption and have resorted to disobedience to lawful court orders as means to getting at anyone perceived to be corrupt in their understanding of what corruption is.

For example, though the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, had charged some of their corrupt governors to court, the laws we had, had made it quite difficult for them to be tried to a logical conclusion as they has money to pay lawyers to leverage on the loopholes in our laws which delayed their trials. This was the case until the Goodluck Jonathan era where the Administration of Criminal Justice Law was passed and signed by former President Goodluck Jonathan. This law allows that a Judge handling a case, even if promoted to a higher court can come back to adjudicate on it which was not so before. This is what has led to the conviction of former Governor Orji Uzor Kalu and other convictions we have seen recently. Before, cases had to be restarted when a Judge is promoted or posted out of a particular court and politicians exploited these to delay their cases. This again shows that corruption can only be fought institutionally by strengthening our laws, not a one man show of trying to make oneself to be seen as incorruptible while the rest of Nigerians are deemed corrupt.

It is quite unfortunate that Major General Buhari (rtd) in 1984 did not know what corruption was and currently, does not also know what corruption is. The Buhari presidency has continued to manipulate due process in all the administration’s activities to gain advantage financially or otherwise by he himself or his cronies from appointments to the current 37billion naira approved for the National Assembly renovation.

The attempt by cronies of Major General Muhamadu Buhari to secure a third term in office or become a life-President has seen a manipulation and jettisoning of our Federal Character laws to skew Millitary and security appointments to favor a section of the north.

Currently, he has delved into the financial/Petroleum sector through the DPR, FIRS, Customs and every agency that provides money in this country.

A “hate speech” bill to be passed by the National Assembly, which if passed will silence Nigerians and give them a free ride to achieving whatever plans they have is seen to be causing some measure of disquiet, nationwide.

To achieve these intentions, they have decided to manipulate the conscience( if they have it at all) of our legislators by approving a whopping sum of 37billion Naira to renovate a building that 7 billion naira was said to have been used to construct.

Buhari and his cronies have suddenly forgotten that they in the recent past told us that the National Assembly is our problem, that the money the National Assembly consumes is the reason why Buhari and his government has not been able to optimally perform well. What must have changed for them to now believe that it is expedient to approve 37billion naira for the National Assembly renovation?

With the real meaning of corruption in mind, it becomes inevitable to conclude that the government thrives on manipulation of all due process to gain advantage.

Written by Ekpenyong Isaiah-isababa

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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