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‘A Govt That Has Made A Hobby Of Indiscriminate Borrowing Must Reduce Cost Of Governance, Deal With The Betta Edu Corruption Saga’ – Peter Obi

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January 11, 2024






Peter Obi at Chatham House. File photo.



In less than two hours, opposition politician Peter Obi, Wednesday, tweeted on two burning issues that affect the Nigerian polity dealing with populist announcements seemingly aimed at playing to the gallery and what he addresses as the Betta Edu corruption saga.



Betta Edu (right of photo)

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The 60% Cut In Federal Official Entourages

The just announced 60% cut in the size of federal official entourages on travels is one positive step towards the reduction of cost of governance and a way of halting wastage.

But this measure is just scratching the surface as our problem as a nation has gone beyond token populist gestures and announcements.

We must be informed of the real details of the measures being implemented on our behalf.

For a government that has made a hobby of indiscriminate borrowing, the only way to salvage the economy is to drastically cut the cost of government by reducing wasteful expenses and spending on inessential luxury items.

The Betta Edu Issue and Related Cases

I like to add my voice with most Nigerians concerned about accountability in government and judicious use of public funds, I welcome the suspension of the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Ms. Betta Edu, and subsequent directives for her investigation.

While the action of the government is a welcome development, the investigation must be comprehensive so that all those culpable are brought to book.

The suspension of the Minister should not be a window-dressing action but should be a peg to get at all those who·are deserving of blame and punished just like the Minister.

By a sad coincidence, the alleged fraudulent diversion of N585 million of public money by Ms. Edu broke almost at the same moment that the Minister who held the same portfolio in the last administration is being investigated for a whopping N37bn misappropriation.

The Ministry may have been created by the system as a conduit pipe to siphon public funds while using the poor as a face.

Equally worrisome and disgusting is the fact that the missing funds are meant for
poverty alleviation in a time of severe suffering among the people.

Unfortunately, a ruling elite that can shamelessly convert, divert, or misappropriate such huge sums meant for the poor cannot be trusted to address the severe poverty ravaging the people.


It is not only immoral but also insensitive for those entrusted with funds for public welfare to literally steal from the poor.

I call on the administration to use these cases to initiate a thorough system-wide and systematic investigation of all reported cases of fraud and corruption among high government officials in the country.

I join all Nigerians in calling on the government to accord the problem of public sector corruption the severe urgency it deserves. –PO

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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