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Age Of The Flying Taxi Is Here. And It’s Electric

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April 26, 2022









Taxi in the air.

By Greg Abolo

The American National Aeronautical Space Agency, NASA has unveiled a new age of air travel and this would launch the age of the Air Taxi which Rox Kulliye @2rkiva hopes would become “an open platform for US companies to innovate amazing products. It is not right to give exclusivity to anyone, specially when taxpayers are funding the developments”.


It shall be the age of the “UberAir”, and someone is excited about it.


The super rich in Nigeria who have grounded their limousines for traveling from Abuja to the Kaduna hinterlands soon shifted to the trains because the congenital bandits of northern Nigeria have taken over the roads, stopping cars and running off with occupants into the bushes where they demand for ransoms. They felt there would be safety in numbers.

Since the over pampered and seemingly untouchable bandits suspected to be mainly of the Fulani ethnic group were seeing less of the super rich on the roads for capture, they now disrupt train journeys by blowing up rail tracks and forcing trains to screeching halts.


With the recent killings and kidnappings of train passengers a few weeks ago, the rich would be excited to hear about the new NASA flying taxis.



The bandits in northern Nigeria are still holding some of the kidnap victims in the bush. Train journeys are now seemingly risky.


Errin Khav @ErrinTheNerd looking through the prisms of American serious security networks says:

“Why don’t we fix transit on the ground first? Like you know, trains, buses, and even taxicabs and what not? Then we will worry about air public transit”.

But in Nigeria, that hope carries no cheer. Road travels are becoming dangerous because of the fear of bandits.


Different countries, different travel strokes.
This new evolution in travel is causing excitement all over the world. Especially as it seems that the air taxi would be electric ones. But how pocket friendly are they going to be on a global scale?

Since NASA is involved, the excitement is double. The world watches and it waits.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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