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Air Peace’s Flight Performance Report for March 2024 Is Out And Fidelity Bank, It’s Financial Partner Is Ecstatic

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April 23, 2024








As Nigeria’s Air Peace’s financial partner for years, Fidelity Bank walked into the milestone celebration for @flyairpeace with dainty steps, then urges it’s followers to see their instastories for the premium content of the event.

Follow the link below and watch the celebration dance via X (formerly called Twitter):

In March 2024, Air Peace airlines say that they “recorded 98% schedule reliability with 77% on-time performance.

Scheduled 2,759 flights out of which 2,700 were operated. 600 flights were delayed while 122 were rescheduled, with 30 canceled flights.

Our on-time performance and schedule reliability increased from February by 7% and 2% respectively. The flight disruptions were caused by bird strikes, adverse weather and unscheduled maintenance”.

Furthermore, the airline pledges a continual provision of a “peaceful connectivity to our esteemed customers and assure of improved service delivery”.



When events seemed conspiratorially positioned to stifle Air Peace by entrenched with deeper pockets of older airlines, many Nigerians held their breath in suspense. But Air Peace rose to the occasion with innovation and grandeur.

They knew that most Nigerians coming to Lagos to fly from the nation’s Murtala Muhammed International Airport were not necessarily all from Lagos, the commercial capital of the country.

So using it’s domestic flight schedules in the various states and integrating it into their international flights, Air Peace simply hit a bull run and scored.

It became a hit.


A passenger can thus take a local flight from other Nigerian cities and get instantly connected to international destinations.

That innovation has thrown the scent for the top dog into the smell of pepper for the airline to remain on course.

A recent traveler on a foreign airline recently reported that a top traditional gourmet loving nation with huge pride in their cuisine that is usually regarded world over, has it’s own flights humbly serving Nigerian jollof rice on its international routes, a deference to Nigerian popular food culture.

Hitherto an airline like Air France would serve it’s full French offering that would be from French chefs such as foie gras, beef bourguignon, croissants and pastries, French cheeses and French wines and champagnes.

Well, Air Peace has shaken the table. So you can ask for Nigerian jollof as you may just have an African stomach.

Who knows if Amala and ewedu, Eba and okra soup, Tuwo and Miyan kuka would appear on international flights one day?

I have a dream.

Bon appetit, monsieur.

Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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