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Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Kaka Goni Says He Has Discovered ‘Preventive and Curative Drug for COVID-19’

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May 8, 2020

Dr. Kaka Kyari Abba Goni.

Dr Kaka Kyari Abba Goni, acupuncturist and Masterherbalist says he has found a cure for Covid-19.
He’s a member, Nigerian Council of Physicians of Natural Medicine, BSc, Botany (UNIMAID), BSc Herbal Medicine (NCNM), Basics Acupuncture (SAJICA, Colombo), MD Acupuncture (OIUAM, Colombo), Certificate Unani (HAKIF, Delhi), Founder and Physician in Chief at Dagira Alternative Medical Care Ltd.

Dr. Goni hails from Borno state, and he’s a popular guest on local, international radio and television stations as well as in the print media discussing mainly on ‘Abinchin ka Maganinka’ (“Your food Your Medicine”) in Hausa, a language commonly spoken across northern Nigeria.

Dr Goni says he has found both preventive and curative drugs for covid-19.

He explains further in this interview.

What are the assessments and analysis of your findings on covid-19 prevention and cure?

Dr Kaka Kyari Abba Goni: Luckily, we have all the details about Covid-19 from the official website of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Thanks for the timely updates. Coronavirus otherwise known as Covid-19 is a heinous carcinogen. The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (DNA) covered by a protective lipid (fat) which when absorbed by the cells of the ocular, nasal or buccal mucosa, changes their genetic code, etiopathogenesis mutation and convert them into aggressor and multiplier cells. It could permeate through the nostrils, oesophagus to harness the lung to other vital organs of humans and asphyxiate to death.

But that only happens against people with weakened immune system. At Dagira Alternative Medical Care Ltd, we urge the general public to boost their immune system by taking natural vitamin C rich foods. For the curative and transformative measures we added one of the best natural antivirus to vitamin C, with increased dosage.

What are Vitamin C rich foods and how does it work?

Dr Kaka Kyari Abba Goni: As far as the human body is concerned, natural vitamin C is the best preventive medicine against covid-19. However, Africa is naturally endowed with two most important immune boosters i.e Hibiscus flowers and Baobab fruits both are extremely rich in vitamin C. Other immune boosters are iron, zink and amino acids.

How are the immune boosters taken ? What is the necessary dosage?

Dr Kaka Kyari Abba Goni: Our team of experts at Dagira Alternative Medical Care Ltd are working to come up with a teabag that we will call ‘Barimi T’ Immune boosting tea, a 5g tea bag that contains 2g hibiscus and 3g baobab fruit powder to be taken 3X a day for a normal person but a patient with pneumonia will have to squeeze half of lime fruit water and take 4X, while for an asthmatic patient, in addition to lime, a pinch of sea salt should be added to the tea and taken 5X a day.

What are the curative measures ?

Dr Kaka Kyari Abba Goni: Use the formula for the asthmatic patient as discussed and add a teaspoon of asafoetida (Haltit). The patient should take the tea every 15 minutes until his natural antibody kicks up. This will deactivate coronavirus ….

What are the successes so far recorded?

Dr Kaka Kyari Abba Goni: In terms of Preventive measures we have recorded numerous successes. Some patients with pneumonia and asthma have given their testimonies of not feeling any of the usual symptoms after treatment. In addition, many patients who went into self isolation gave positive reports concerning their previous symptoms and their different reasons for self isolations.

Although we do not have enough evidence, mainly due to lack of of funds but with the support of the government, we can prove to the world that our formula can work against the virus effectively and absolutely.

Are there any side effects to your formula?

Dr Kaka Kyari Abba Goni: The only side effect is at the curative level when Asafoetida is added, it is not recommended for pregnant women and children under 10months of age.

What message do you have for the government?

Dr Kaka Kyari Abba Goni : I call on both the federal and state governments to stop their endless dependence on western nations for the treatment/vaccine for covid-19 and look inwards, like Madagascar and Senegal are doing and making progress in the treatment of covid-19.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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