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America’s Deepening Inequalities As Many Shed Tears While Preparing Thanksgiving Turkey

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November 26, 2020

Those who watched the Thanksgiving holiday pardon of the lucky Turkey in Obama’s last year in office in 2016 and also watched the one presided by President Donald Trump must have noted the drabness in the briskness of this edition.

With Obama, it was mirth, gaiety and fun which contrasted with Trump’s own that seemed like mourning.

Stephen Collinson and Caitlin Hu report for CNN about Americans who say,

‘I’ll be crying, preparing the turkey’

Even though as Trump seemed thankful that
the Dow Jones Industrials Average completed a 125-year climb to 30,000 points on Tuesday and Investors have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season as many Americans “checked their fattened market-linked pension funds and President Donald Trump popped up for a bizarre one-minute news briefing to claim credit and “congratulate everybody” for a century-and-a-quarter of compounding interest”, reports CNN.

The poorly handled pandemic was one key factor that led to Trump’s electoral loss, more especially as President Obama amplified the differences in how the coronavirus pandemic was handled under similar circumstances in South Korea and a few other countries with fewer deaths, compared to its handling in the United States which led to loss of lives of about a hundred thousand in the first grim harvest of that magnitude within a short period.

The US has gone much further in much higher figures, with Trump pledging not to significantly change tactics should he win reelection.
So the votes spoke. And Trump has come to accept the reality that come January 20, he’d depart from the White House.

Food lines are springing up fast in America amid the Covid-19 induced economic nightmare that has laid off millions of Americans from work.

CNN reports about people waiting in the “winter chill to receive food aid from a church”, some for hours, exposing how bad the situation can be.

Many vulnerable people, mostly from minority groups have died due to Covid-19 complications and the sadness is huge.
They say of Trump:

“This President we have says he’s doing something good. And he doesn’t see all these people that are dying”.

“For Thanksgiving, it’s just Zoom. I’ll be crying, preparing the turkey. Like come on. These are the holidays and everyone’s supposed to be happy and there’s just darkness. There’s darkness over everything.”

It’s Thanksgiving, yet people are not happy. Though with breakthroughs in Covid-19 vaccine successes, there seem to be hope round the corner.

CNN concludes that “America’s inequalities are deepening. When President-elect Joe Biden takes office on January 20, he needs to find a way to unblock the months-long logjam in Congress that has failed to bring extended unemployment benefits to Americans hit by lockdown layoffs. In the long-term he must tackle a much harder issue — how to mitigate the widening economic inequality that has left millions of Americans feeling hopeless”.

How he hopes to achieve that perhaps without a majority in Congress might be the issue to watch in the next few weeks.

Happy Thanksgiving, America.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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