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APC Govt House Faction’s Pyrrhic Local Govt Electoral Victory In Kaduna State


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May 15, 2018

KADSIECOM Chairperson, Dr. Saratu Audu and the e-voting machine.
Gov. Nasir El-rufai votes on the electronic machine.

Right from the beginning, the government of Kaduna State demonstrated very clearly an acute poverty of goodwill in virtually all the processes which culminated in last Saturday’s Local Council polls.
In my last post on the Local Council polls, I described the entirety of the processes as a ruse for a variety of reasons, principal amongst which is the status of the body saddled with the responsibility of conducting the polls.

Laughable as it is the body identifies itself as Kaduna State Independent Electoral Commission (KADSIECOM). My greatest worry with this body is the inclusion of the adjective “Independent” :
If my understanding of the English language is fair as I think it is, I see a misapplication of the word. In the first instance, who is this body independent of? If KADSIECOM is a creation of the Government of Kaduna State, to assume it can be independent of the same government that created it will be the very height of self delusion. To the extent that this body is tied to the apron strings of the Government of Kaduna State it can for all intents and purposes be dependent on the government that created it. To my mind, KADSIECOM is not any different from a conveyor belt of government political intentions. The level of interference in the KADSIECOM affairs lately before the charade which supposedly took place last Saturday 12 May 2018 ought to convince any skeptic that there is practically nothing independent about KADSIECOM.

Recall that a certain Prof Nkom had to resign his appointment with the body for reasons shrouded in secrecy which something tells me will not be unconnected with undue interference by the government. Similarly just a day to the election day the Chair of KADSIECOM was sid to have been summarily sacked from her post again without advancing any reason/s for the sack. To what extent therefore can KADSIECOM be said to be independent?

It is common knowledge not only in Kaduna State but the country as a whole that there is a schism within the APC in the State. Two factions are prominent, the Kaduna Government House and the Kaduna Restoration Group factions. There has been this battle for supremacy between the two factions of the party in the State such that both factions have been fielding candidates for elective posts. In the lead up to the Local Council polls said to have been conducted last Saturday, there was a directive from the Emperor to the so-called SIECOM not to screen any members of the Kaduna Restoration Group, yet the Commission is said to be “Independent” I am not a lawyer by training but I have heard in discourses around town of some people described as “being judges in their own cases”.

I did promise in my last post that I will quickly make an apology in the event that the outcome of the Local Council polls provided a clear reading of the political realities in Kaduna State. How could it when the so-called KADSIECOM effectively and deliberately excluded the contestants of the KRG claiming that the body was unaware of the presence of factions within the APC in the State?

On a personal level, I am still wondering why the contestants jumped at the mere mention of Local Council polls. It looked to me like the Emperor who had been feasting on the high table while hungry dogs were looking up at him hoping for some crumbs, suddenly he throws a bone to the dogs. A scramble follows and all the dogs forget their long term travails and may even begin fighting each other, a scene that will be entertainment to the Emperor.

The outcome of the charade that was the Local Council polls is still unclear. Social media is inundated with what is referred to as results. Many commentators are saying that the results were cooked up and therefore do not provide a clear reflection of what transpired on ground.

I am not in the least surprised at the results bandied about for certainly the people behind the whole idea of the elections are no idiots. They did their homework well in choosing when to hold the elections. Knowing the mentality of those behind the elections, there is simply no way they could have let the polls take place if they were not already certain about the outcome.

Knowing how horribly desperate the Emperor is about holding on to power by all means possible fair or foul, I can bet that he already was aware of the outcome well before Saturday 12 May 2018. As at the time of writing this post, there was no final KADSIECOM results and it remains unclear when this will be. There are allegations of rigging and falsification of results. There are also allegations of returning officers who simply vanished into thin air or surrounding bushes with sensitive election materials.

Whatever the final outcome of the elections/selection or imposition, the result before us is that there are no winners but losers. For a fact the biggest losers may not include those said to have lost but DEMOCRACY itself.


Written by Col. Gora Dauda (rtd)

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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