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Arrogance Of Higher Stakes And Need For Balanced Representation In National Security Architecture

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February 1, 2018

By Col. Gab Ajayi (rtd)

Military Security et al is unlike other national endeavours. It is about national survival of a people and morale is the key function in keeping everyone together as a cohesive and united force.

For the nation to be balanced and feel reasonably secured every part of the nation must not only be but must compulsorily be part and parcel of adequate military security order of battle, known as ORBAT in military parlance.

Security, unlike finance businesses etc cannot be left in the hands of a few from a part. We would be worse for it for the disadvantages far ought weigh the advantages.
It is this military security psychology which has been the worst nightmare of defense planners for ages.

It is the most severe underpinning factor in the Syrian civil war. The Alawite tribe of President Assad controls the security forces of that country.
That is why we have quota system in our constitution as flawed as we think it is.

One of the reasons we couldn’t prevent the civil war here in Nigeria was the lopsidedness of our defense system after the second coup of 1966, from the benefit of historical hindsight.
The defence of the territorial intergrity of Nigeria remains the responsibility of every Nigerian. No one should have the arrogance or pride of higher stakes than the others. We must learn from the mistakes of others. There is need for Balanced Grouping in our own ORBAT.

Col. Gabriel Ajayi (rtd).

Col. Ajayi was a United Nations Peace Keeping Force battalion commander in UNIFIL, (United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon).

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