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Australian Firefighters Remember Victims Of 9/11, Perform A Moving Aboriginal Haka Tribute (Video)

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September 12, 2019

Australian firefighters perform the Aboriginal Haka tribute to victims of the xenophobic violence on 9/11 in the US .

On a day that Nigerian victims of Xenophobic violence begin their return home from South Africa via Air Peace evacuation from where mobs had been killing them, looting and burning their shops, Australian firefighters are remembering the victims of xenophobic violence in America, eighteen years ago.


@ChrisCuomo says, 18 years after one of the 9/11 dastard events, we must never forget.

. But “18 years on, I would shift that motto to a positive opposite: ‘Always remember the fragility of life, the need to stay connected to what happens here, to anyone, because there but for the grace, it could be you.'”

Such profound words out there, that speaks to South African mobs and their political backers. Today, Nigerians and other Africans are in South Africa because their home countries have failed in terms of governance that can’t provide basic amenities such as electricity, potable water, security, ease of doing business, etc. So they seek economic refuge in South where they are now being targeted, maltreated and killed.

South Africa should remember that their freedom fighters and compatriots once sought refuge and education in Nigeria. Things can turn around, and South Africa will be surprised someday.

9/11 will be remembered as a day islamists decided to release terror and fury on America in bouts of unexpected bomb attacks by the use of aeroplanes to ram into high rise and other iconic buildings.
While the terror events were happening in the US, a similar terror attack was unleashed on the minority Christian population in Kano, northern Nigeria. Buildings in Shagari Quarters, including a provision shop belonging to a Yoruba Christian family on 21 Street, Shagari Quarters was looted and burnt. All on 9/11.

Reason people are shocked that a man like Ibrahim Shekarau, Kano State former governor was chastising Rivers state Governor, Nyesom Wike, for allegedly demolishing a mosque and calling Rivers state a Christian State.
Ibrahim Shekarau believes that Nigerians, both good Muslims and Christians have a short memory span. Under his governance in Kano State, his fiery speech, “Muslims shall no longer keep quiet”, roused the mob, which gingered them to slaughter over a thousand Christians in the city. It was so serious, then president issued a stern warning to Kano city . Those that were lucky to survive and escape to the Bompai Police barracks rejected Shekarau’s food gift, fearing poisoning.

Nobody forgot. They only forgave. This shows that the evil train of xenophobic violence moves dangerously, and can touch even the untouchable, anytime. Hence the world is better off fighting it to a standstill.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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