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Between Generals Ali-Keffi, C C Okonkwo And Ibe Nicholas, Who Will Buhari Appoint As Nigeria’s Next COAS ?


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May 23, 2021

General Atahiru: Who replaces him ?
By Greg Abolo



After the painful demise in a plane crash and interment of Lt. Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru and his burial yesterday with the officers who died with him, speculations are rife as to who will get the nod to be the next Chief of Army Staff.



The trending speculation took verve on Twitter as can be seen in the status below:



The next in line are Major General Ali-Keffi and Major General CC Okonkwo. Will General Buhari appoint a spare parts dealer ?


Onyedika seems to be making a joke based on a statement allegedly made by Nigeria’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice who was miffed that governors of southern states met to ban open grazing of livestock in the region. The reaction of the Attorney General was to make allusions on vehicle spare parts sales engaged in by southern Igbo traders in the north whose trade could face a ban as well, in retaliation.



James Atts, PhD @jamesatts equally tweeted that Major General Rogers Ibe Nicholas, also from the South, Imo State precisely is supposed to be the next in line, unless he is retired.


There’s also Major General Danjuma Ali-Keffi, in charge of 1 Division Nigerian Army, Kaduna, as General Officer Commanding (GOC). The Division’s operations cover Kaduna, Niger, Kano and Jigawa States. The senior Army Officer took over from Major General Usman Shehu Mohammed, who had been moved to Defence Headquarters, Abuja, as Director of Research and Development Bureau.

.Shortly after taking charge in Kaduna on Thursday as the new GOC, Ali-Keffi warned bandits and other criminal elements to desist from their nefarious activities saying,”their days are numbered”.



The Division Boss, who acknowledged the security challenges bedevilling the division’s area of responsibility had earlier expressed determination to restore peace in the area in line with the Chief of Army’s vision.


Despite the warning, bandits in the area have energized themselves to kidnap more school children for ransom even killing some of the students with an embarrassed security watching helplessly.

He remains a contender for the top post in the army.


Major General Chukwuemeka C. Okonkwo is a highly decorated officer, receiving significant mention as ECOMOG top commander in Liberia by then American ambassador in Monrovia, as well as restoring confidence in Plateau State as operational Commander against the banditry and insurgency that afflicted the middle belt state of Plateau.



But the final choice remains that of the president. And he may pick a dark horse not in the permutations at all. But one thing is certain. A new Chief of Army Staff is urgently needed to give direction to the troops on ground in this turbulent season.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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