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Blasphemy Conviction Of Asia Bibi Upturned By Supreme Court, Leaves Pakistan

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May 8, 2019

Asia Noreen Bibi, now out of Pakistan.

The Pakistani Christian woman, Asia Bibi who’s conviction on blasphemy allegations was upturned by the Supreme Court has finally bade bye to her country of birth. She has consistently maintained her innocence.

Asia Bibi who was on death row awaiting execution spent years in solitary confinement after her conviction which was overturned last year by the Supreme Court.

She was originally convicted in 2010 after being accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad in a row with her neighbours.

The case polarised Pakistan, with people on the side of her neighbors who had accused her, and others who believed that she was innocent.

Though the country she has departed for is not stated or when she left, it is known that some of her family are reported to be in Canada.

Asia Noreen – commonly known as Asia Bibi – was kept at a secret location while arrangements were made for her to leave the country.

The Supreme Court’s quashing of her sentence last October led to violent protests by religious hardliners who support strong blasphemy laws, while more liberal sections of society urged her release.

Many countries in the West including New Zealand, Australia and Canada have become some of the major destinations for minority religious groups fleeing persecution where they go to start a new life in freedom, peace and prosperity. Just as many Muslims from strife torn countries also depart to the same destinations, abandoning their native lands as a result of internecine conflicts as is being experienced in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria.

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