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Borno’s Severe Pains: As The Governor Mourns A JTF Fallen Fighter, The Army Seeks Money To House Surrendered Insurgents

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September 15, 2022


Kashim Shettima (left) is a former governor of Borno state who wants to provide security for Nigeria if he and Bola Tinubu win in the forthcoming elections.






Borno state has problems that it’s leadership hasn’t figured out yet.

They tend to believe that a life of build-destroy-build again is progressive and also a sign of development and progress.

So they may want to foist their kind of leadership on the rest of Nigeria. That is, those politicians who are good at rebuilding Churches, Mosques, Schools etc that have been destroyed by their perennially angry youths.

Consider this tweet:



What is making your children so full of anger?

See how they glorify rebuilders of damaged infrastructure. Leaders who cannot build lives into usefulness enough, to abhor destruction.

Borno and other states like it ought to look critically and deeply into their child raising manuals. Let them find out how adequate or inadequate they are.


Sociologists would tell you that at birth, a child is tabular rasa.

That is, blank slate. Meaning it is society that writes on the blank slate. Thus, whatever the child becomes is what society, consciously or unconsciously inscribes on the child.

Are their family values falling apart ?
What happens to people who abandon or throw their kids to be raised by harsh streets? And they unleash such unto societies.

Ask again, despite the enormous land available including waters, why do parents throw their children out onto harsh and severe conditions ?


Find out and fix it. That’s the leadership that is needed.

Borno and co should solve these and other problems that result into intolerance, hate for one another before thinking of handling security for the rest of Nigeria.

Secure yourselves first and family life before dreaming of securing Nigeria when your home state is not secured for yourselves and your guests.

Land you have. Fertile land for that matter. Water you have. Large population you have. So what’s missing ?

Search within, Borno.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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