Breaking: Worried Nigerians Show Support For Zainab Aliyu, And Saudi Arabia Finally Frees Her

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April 30, 2019

Zainab Aliyu, freedom at last.

The oil rich Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would do anything to prevent It’s citizens from getting into contact with life destroying hard drugs.
Drug couriers are routinely executed without mercy or pardon.

Therefore when Maitama Sule University student was allegedly arrested with Tramadol, a banned substance was found in a bag with her name tag, plans were on the way by the Saudi Arabian Kingdom to prosecute and finally execute her. But her parents knew their girl doesn’t do drugs.
This kick – started an investigation that led to an unveiling of a syndicate that specializes in planting drugs on unsuspecting passengers.

With their arrest, confession, media involvement and government diplomacy, finally the Federal Government has secured the release Of Zainab Aliyu.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, disclosed this at a news conference in Abuja on Tuesday.

He said the government has been able to establish the innocence of Zainab and the second Nigerian involved in the case, Ibrahim Abubakar will be released tomorrow to the Nigerian Mission in Saudi Arabia.

There had been several calls for her release with President Muhammadu Buhari directing the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami, to swiftly intervene and secure her immediate release.

Following the President’s directive, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Diaspora Affairs Abike Dabiri-Erewa, assured Nigerians that they were making good progress and she will be back, along with 2 others in the same situation.

The student had reportedly travelled from Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport in company with her mother, Mrs. Maryam Aliyu, and sister, Hajara Aliyu, but was arrested over allegations that a bag bearing her name tag contained the unlawful substance.

On Zainab Aliyu Habibu, Saleh Baba has this to say:

Zainab Habibu Aliyu, the girl in detention in Saudi Arabia over a bag which the rounded-up and arrested 6-man drug syndicate at Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport tagged with her name, on 24 Dec 19, while on her way to the lesser Hajj with her mother and sister. Since then, her case has been left to her family and their fate, aside the NDLEA investigations which revealed the syndicate and led to their arrest.

Typical of the Northern Muslim elites that we are, there are no activist groups to support her family so that government is pressured to pursue her case which has death implication. Where are words from her State Governor, Senator, Member House of Assembly or even local government Chairman? Where is the students union of her university? I imagine if her regional and ethno-religious background were otherwise, streets would have filled with rallies. The traditional press and social media will have filled with memes, creative jingles and photos. We are all witness to despatch active government’s reaction to even the highest level, on the killing of Kolade Johnson by SARS. She has been in detention since 25th Dec till date. This is within the same period Little Success was discovered in Sapele, a better school found her with chains of scholarships, her parents raised out of poverty for ever, fashion contracts and appearances found, church services held, etc. No! For us, we are more bothered with the hate filled, divisive sham politics of a 2019 elections. This same girl if the tables were to turn and her father becomes governor of their state or some notable and it is to be her wedding, we shall see all the notables in our society flying tens of jets to her wedding Fatiha and fellow governors wives flocking in expensive lace material for weeks of fake celebrations. If also her father was somebody in the northern socio-political hierarchy, bookings would have been made for our commercialized Mullahs to go circumambulate Ka’aba and offer prayers for her freedom. This is the elitist Muslim Northern Nigerian way. Now, we may take conscience votes and decide to send reminders to those responsible or careless as usual until our own is equally victimized. An 80 year old is already in Saudi authorities custody over a similar case. What goes around shall definitely come to you, if you look aside. May Allah rescue this innocent child from the clutches of evil wickedness. Ameen! Hazbunanlah-Wa-Ni’imal-Wakil!

Obviously, Saleh Baba did not know about the diplomatic shuttles behind the scenes to get Zainab Aliyu out of the quagmire.


“I find it very faulty the call by Senator Shehu Sani for the parents of Miss Zainab Habibu Aliyu to immediately submit a petition to the NASS, for the NASS to move into action to save her life. Miss Aliyu is the young girl arrested in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on allegation of drug trafficking in which she was later found to be innocent after NDLEA confirmed the illicit drugs were planted in her luggage by a drug cartel at the point of her exit from Aminu Kano International Airport. Senator Sani Tweeted the advice on his Twitter handle thusly:

“If the Parents of Zainab Habibu Aliyu,the Nigerian girl in detention in Saudi Arabia can immediately send a petition to NASS stating her case and innocence,we can move action to highlight her case and demand for urgent action to secure her freedom.”

I wonder why the NASS needs to wait for a petition from Miss Aliyu’s parents before jumping into action? This is more absurd considering that the young girl was not only absolved of committing the crime by NDLEA’s investigation but, the real culprits were successfully identified and already in the cells of NDLEA. This is a celebrated case which details are commonly available on the internet. If for some reason Senator Sani is not comfortable with the enormous facts of the case as shared in the social media and reportage of various conventional media outlets, wouldn’t it make more sense for the NASS to invite the NDLEA boss to have a more official statement on the case?

This begets the question, would the NASS fold its arm and watch Zainab Habibu Aliyu executed for a crime she didn’t commit if perchance she’s an orphan with nobody to write a petition on her behalf? Is this saying Nigerians could access government intervention only when they write a petition seeking for it? So, who has been writing petitions to the NASS for all the people being rescued from LIbya, mostly people who actually deserved their fate anyway ?

I don’t know what’s being done to get the young girl off the list of Saudi’s condemned criminals but I know, abandoning her to be executed would surely be tragic to Nigeria. More than anybody, Senator Sani should know the pain and fears of a young girl in a condemned cell with his experience in a similar, albeit less hopeless and more negotiable situation.”

Indeed, Mr. Maiwada Danmallam did not know, as events turned out.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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