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February 14, 2017

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari may have died a thousand times in the prayer list of some Nigerians. They have used social media to kill him almost every time he travels abroad. While such evil-minded architects are exhibiting their personal or paymaster’s interests, it is the duty of the presidential aides to tackle rumor mills almost immediately they spin their webs of lies or half-truths.

It is indeed sad that Nigerians have not learnt anything from the unfortunate Yar’Adua sickness plagued regime. Interestingly, the likes of Lai Mohammed have quickly forgotten how information gaps were used to tackle the administration of late Yar’Adua. It has been series of discordant positions from information managers, which has incredulously asserted the direction mischief-makers intend to lead Nigerians.

The quantum of falsehood from spin managers at the center has affected the goodwill of president Buhari in so many ways. Those around him have created gaps through unimaginable lies to hoodwink Nigerians, but end up exposing the present administration to ridicule.
Interestingly, many Nigerians are beginning to believe the present government was formed and sustained by falsehood. It is rather very unprofessional, to read different accounts of the President’s health by those thought to be in touch with him.

One said the aircraft was under repairs, a very ridiculous, puerile and indeed criminal account.
Another was bold to say the president was going to be indisposed, but failed to state duration.
One of the media aides while debunking initial reports that the president was “dead” insisted he was very okay – based on what he could deduce from those close to the president.
Zahra , Buhari’s daughter however wrote on her twitter handle that “the operation was successful”.
Shehu Garba was quick to upload old pictures in a desperate attempt to debunk the ill-health of Mr. president.

Such abysmal and monumental discordant views from people who should be trusted with information on the president.

They have failed to realize that there is no vacuum in governance and no one is immune to health issues. The president duly transmitted power to his deputy, Yemi Osinbajo. Hiding the condition of the President’s health is therefore not only embarrassing but a foolish height of desperation by some powerful cabals who are only interested in creating administrative gaps to relive the usual cabal battle of resource control as witnessed in the late Yar’Adua era. The level of secrecy is torturous and indeed imbecilic.

In developed countries, the nature of holiday the president is going for is often clearly stated to avoid activities of mischief makers. Now the presidential media aides, minister of information are in back and forth movement trying to pad all the messed around facts. Sadly, the Internet has become a medium of falsehood where oceans can be located in the Sahara.

Though videos and sounds can be doctored, good information managers would have taken out time to make sure the president addresses the nation to allay fears. A simple phone call broadcast or a brief interview by select presidential press crew would have been excellent. The silence, suspense and ‘tower of babel’ voices explaining same issue in different ways only raise more red flags on the health nature of the president.

Yes, I blame information managers who are largely not experienced in managing government information. They are still locked up in the era of trench town opposition. What they do best is to revert to the past each time they cant find syllabus to explain a policy or a developing issue.

Mr. president may have the best intentions for the country but his lieutenants in the change mantra are the business as usual kind of people. So many stories of high level crime still persists. The administration really needs overhaul if the nation must truly attain it’s aspiration to develop in peace and unity. The president is no longer an exclusive personality for his family or friends. He is now the father of the nation and issues around him must be well managed to satisfy all.

While we pray for the safe return of the president, those pretending to know should admit they have been engaging in knee jerk guess work supported by second hand information from persons around the president. It is also important for us to be on our guards against those putting the country on autopilot of confusion.

Those wishing Buhari dead are in fact wishing Nigeria to fail, targeted to unsettle the corporate integrity of Nigeria with injurious falsehood.

We definitely cannot continue this way. We must end the vulture culture of feeding from the carcass of fragmented society caused by cursing and hating our leaders along religious and ethnic sentiments.

Written by Israel A. Ebije.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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