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Buhari Calls Nigerians ‘Mischief Makers’ In First Phone Conversation With Adesina

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February 26, 2017

At long last, President Muhammadu Buhari has spoken with his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina, in a move that could end the controversy generated by the lack of communication between them .

Trademark Buhari gaffe played up once again as he described Nigerians talking about his prolonged absence, “Mischief Makers” and those he once called the ‘ five percent’ opposition that would receive less favour decided to immediately trend the hash tag #Mischiefmakers on Twitter.
This new tag is likely to overshadow the previous tag of #Wailingwailers Femi Adesina had previously hung on them.

The Nigerian leader left for the UK on January 19, and was expected back in the country on February 5, but he has since extended his vacation indefinitely, for medical reasons despite the fact that the Aso Rock villa clinic he left behind gulps more money than the combined University Teaching Hospitals in Nigeria put together .

This is the first time Buhari will be speaking on phone with his spokesman since he embarked on an extended medical leave on January 19.

Adesina, expressed his joy about the development, as was seen in a post on his Facebook page and Twitter handle.

He had during previous interviews said he was only speaking with those around the President.

Responding to the criticisms which trailed this confession, the presidential spokesman had said people wanted to be lied to, but that he would continue to speak the truth.

Adesina said the President’s personal assistant, Tunde Sabiu, called him at exactly 2.43pm and asked that he hold on for the President.

Upon recognising his principal’s voice, Adesina said he screamed and said, “Mr President, I have missed you. How are you, sir?”

He went on , “He (the President) first laughed. That familiar laugh. Then he said ‘I am still resting. Thank you for holding out against mischief makers.’

“I said it was my duty, the very least I could do, adding how happy I was to speak with him. He asked ‘How is your family?’

“I said we were fine, and he asked me to extend his greetings to them. ‘I hope to call you again,’ Mr President said, and I bade him farewell, adding ‘Best wishes, sir.’”

To Adesina the telephone conversation was a defining moment for him.

He said, “It was a defining moment for me. For more than a month, I had always spoken with aides who are with the President in London.

“Not once did I ask them to take the phone to him, deliberately so, because I didn’t need to speak with him to validate the fact that he was alive. And since he was on vacation, he had a right to his privacy.

“Of his own volition, President Buhari spoke with me. It made my day. Even if he hadn’t done so, he would have remained my President, my leader, and my man. Any day.”

Nigerians have expressed the hope that he addresses the nation from London, though the conviction does not seem strong.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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