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Buhari : The return of the Mack And The Ballistic Missiles Of Hate

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August 21, 2017

Fredrick Nwabufo


I distilled the title of this piece from, ‘Return of the Mack’, a song done and released in 1996 by Mark Morrison, a British singer. The song was a meteoric hit. It was Morrison’s comeback song, and his biggest hit to date.

The return of President Muhammadu to Nigeria – after a long stay in the UK – is indubitably a reason for celebrations.
Yes, many minatory rumours had twirled and rippled in his absence. In the first two months of his “encampment” in London, he did not make any public appearance, ossifying the speculation that he was gravely ill. But he soon started receiving guests at Abuja house, cooling remotely, the cauldron. There were also protests demanding that he either resume office or resign. But I doubt the president is returning because the protests forced his hand.

However, I hope his return will be the heralding of pristine actions for Nigerians. To make his comeback a “hit” like Morrison’s song, I would like the president to address two issues:
first, stopping the missiles of hate and division, and second, addressing the Biafra agitation frontally.

Nigeria has never been in a murkier hate war than now. Social media is the battlefield where all forms of ballistic hate missiles are exchanged. Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba young men and women, fuelled by atavistic hate, verbally bludgeon one another for nothing.
As it is, the intercourse of hate speeches may be the end of Nigeria as we know it if resolute action is not taken. And that action should be making a scapegoat of its purveyors.

Also, a few weeks ago, some northern youth groups asked an entire ethnic group – the Igbo – to leave the region by October 1. And despite peace meetings and entreaties, they stuck to their guns.

Although, Acting President Yemi Osinbajo subtly waded into the matter, Buhari, being from the north and with an irrepressible following in the region, will make a deft and definite statement if he steps in. I urge him to.

In conclusion, I appeal to the president to openly address the agitation for an independent state of the south-east by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and other groups in the region. Instead of speaking about it leisurely and using a sledge hammer on the agitators, he should reach out to them by whatever means necessary. There is nothing dialogue cannot achieve.

After years of (Obasanjo administration) brutal clampdown on militants in the Niger Delta, they are on the negotiation table with the government today. Repression will only stoke violence, hate and fear.

Written by Fredrick Nwabufo.

Mr. Nwabufo is a Writer and Journalist based in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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