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‘Bullion Vans Are Protected By Policemen, So Fulani Deserve To Carry Rifles’ (Video)- Umar Bindir

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December 19, 2017

The Secretary to the Adamawa State Government, Dr Umar Bindir has given justifications why Fulani herdsmen should carry AK 47 automatic rifles in contravention of extant Nigerian laws that forbid the acquisition of firearms without license by private individuals.

He disclosed this in a video interview recently granted, which has since gone viral.
According to Dr. Bindir in the video, he said,

“It’s categorical to say that every one is armed. The Fulani man is nomadic . So if you are referring to a Fulani person as a stable person, then there’s no nomadism . And a nomad moves with everything he has.

“Even bullion vans carrying money will have armed policemen with cars rushing up and down the place. So the Fulani that moves with all that he has is a bullion van of his own.
“Sometimes the man carrying a stick or a kalashnikov rifle is doing so for his own safety and protection, if you get what I mean”.

His views have sent shockwaves within the State which has been engulfed in internecine battles between nomadic herdsmen and Indigenous sedentary farmers amidst fears that the Fulani herdsmen who are armed with automatic weapons are having some form of tactical support within rogue elements in the military and the government as most echelons of government are said to be occupied by people who may seem sympathetic to the herdsmen.

Meanwhile rumors are rife in Yola, the Adamawa State capital in the troubled north east region of Nigeria that the SSG, Dr Umar Bindir is making desperate attempts to exonerate himself from the unguarded utterances he made justifying that Fulani herdsmen should carry AK 47 rifles for possible defensive and offensive purposes.

It is reported that journalists of the Bwatiye ethnic stock in Government House and in the state are being intimidated over the spread of the video in circulation, more so as the Bwatiye ethnic group seem to be in a battle of attrition with the Fulani herdsmen.


Gov. Jibrilla Bindow of Adamawa state in Nigeria’s north east region.

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