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Chimamanda Adichie’s Support For Peter Obi Is Not Because Of His Ethnicity, But His Innate Abilities, Capacity ( Video)

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April 12, 2023











Peter Obi, Dr. Chimamanda Adichie. Tribune online

Most Nigerians who strut on the international circuit feel highly embarrassed when clients who adore them simply make a request to visit the homeland they are from.

The case of Dr. Chimamanda Adichie is a point to note. She’s constantly on lecture tours to dream universities worldwide and she does earn fees and at the same time, project her country’s image abroad.

But social services in Nigeria are utterly disgraceful because the leadership the citizens in the country get has largely been inept.

Little wonder when Peter Obi who showed gumption with an ability to solve problems as governor of Anambra State showed an interest to run for the presidency of Nigeria, Chimamanda Adichie supported him morally.


Learning new ways on increasing Power generation and distribution. Here’s Peter Obi in Egypt.








Electricity supply that citizens pay for is largely unavailable in Nigeria and governments, from one to the other have stumbled from one regime to the other with an utter inability to find solutions to the case of a gas exporting country’s electricity woes. New York City alone produces and uses over 4000 MW of Electric Power daily.


Nigeria, a country of over 200 million people makes do with less than what New York City produces (as at 8 years ago figures).

When President Buhari was contesting to be elected over 7½ years ago, one of the promises made was that the hydraheaded monster of electricity challenges was going to be tackled headlong. His tenure in office ends in less than six or seven weeks. The energy challenges have grown worse under his watch.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel with President Buhari in Abuja, who leaves office on May 29, 2023. He leaves behind, a gargantuan power challenge.

Peter Obi showed real passion to solve the problem by traveling to Egypt in order to understudy how the north African country solved it’s own challenges.

Chimamanda Adichie was so worried about the problem, to the extent of talking publicly about it while having a frank media discussion with then German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Former German Chancellor, Angela Merkel

In one of the moments the internationally decorated female author came to take a Chieftaincy title in South East Nigeria, it seemed worthy to note that she invited the governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki to be her guest.

It is easy to know why.

Thank you for lighting up Edo’, electricity advocate, Chimamanda Adichie who once took the matter up with former German Chancellor, Angela Merkel says to Godwin Obaseki.

Obaseki is the only Nigerian state governor who has shown capacity to navigate all the rules successfully and provide electricity for his people of Edo State by using the gas endowments in his state.

It showed ingenuity and capacity that is not often seen amongst Nigeria’s leadership class.

Almost all the members of the political class attend hospitals abroad, and sadly, Europe and the Americas are populated with Nigerian born doctors.

One then wonders why the leadership can’t make healthcare workable in Nigeria to attract patrons from other countries?

That is the paradox of leadership in Nigeria.

Written by Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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